If you like battlefield and Star Wars try this Star Wars battlefront 2

I was going through my gaming library for something to play. As a Star Wars fan I had forgotten about Star Wars battlefront 2. After installing it I was surprised to find a game under a minute the hole weekend. The game stil looks stunning, the atmosphere and landscape is incredible.

got my highest recommendation. Enjoy my young padawan Grinning

  • Are there still enough people around who play the game online or does it have a decent single player mode, too?

  • Do you mean the 2005 version or the 2017 version? To be honest, both were pretty great games, but since you're saying the atmosphere and landscape is incredible, I'm guessing you mean the newer one. Yeah, that game is especially fun with friends in co-op. Just form a squad and jump into a raging multiplayer battle. Lots of fun to be had, and several game modes to try out as well.

    I have to say, though, I was much less impressed with the space battles. They still haven't managed to make a Star Wars space sim as good as the original Tie Fighter... can't believe it!

  • star wars battlefront 2 is a very good game still playable. I wonder if anyone still plays the game.
    I don't know if there are any updates in the game
  • I've heard a few people really talk up Battlefront 2 over the years but never gotten round to trying it. Are there still enough people playing multiplayer or has it gone the way of most FPS games over 4/5 years in that it's now 10% obsessed fanatics, 50% cheats and 40% bots of some kind?

  • Thanks for the recommendation elder JediJoy, I haven't played a Star Wars game so I'll looking forward to it after you review Grin.

    Long live to baby Yoda!

  • I followed the news when it came out. How long it would take to unlock Darth Vader and EA pushing MTX etc. Then the changes they made to the system. I have it in my digital library somewhere so I'll take a look.  

  • I have tried it with some friends, but when I read about it lately it seems like it is on its last part of the journey. So sadly players are moving on as the game is not being developed more. 


  • I mean this one is pretty self evident, no? it is almost the combination of their names even!

    I've stopped buying EA dice games for now though... can't trust them after years of let downs, pricey dlc, loot boxes etc.

    Why can't they just stick to the older formula that worked instead of trying to reinvent the wheel?

  • Both versions are great, but the newer one became really good and the fact you can play all the game modes offline makes a difference compared to other games such as Battlefield where you can only play campaign.

  • Do you mean the first Battlefront 2? I still have that game at my parent's house :D
    Great game! 
    Still haven't tried the new one.