If you like Dark Souls...

Try Nioh.

More mission based than open world. But I find it makes a little more sense. Combat is much more indepth, plenty of weapons and 3 stances to choose from. Nioh 2 adds on this with more weapons an Yokai shift.

Both have complete editions on CD keys for great value. I picked up Nioh 2 complete a couple of days ago for £11. I cleared it on PS4, but I wanted to have it on PC to replay.

Decent story, challenging gameplay and once the main story is done you can turn up the difficulty with way of the Strong and Way of the Demon. There's the Abyss which is a depth based dungeon type thing. Rubbish description I know, but if you like a challenge that gets harder the deeper you go.

  • Cheers for the heads-up, I'll give this a look.

  • I literally thought you are going to say Lies of P :X tremendous game

  • I heard a lot of meh things about P.

    Too simple, the charm is lost quickly, the combat is incredibly clunky and a few bosses are just ridiculously unbalanced. I saw clips of a Souls tuber literally just uninstalling it at one of the boss fights. She does soul level 1 runs so she likes a challenge but said it just wasn't fun at all.

  • Thanks. Will check it out

  • ah nice, thanks for the hint. i'll give the game a chance Slight smile

  • I've wanted to play Nioh and it's sequel for a long time now, but I'm also a bit concerned that it's a massive undertaking of frustration and pain that will make me question if I've ever actually been a good gamer, so... slightly hesitant!

    It also almost never goes on sale on Steam, which is frustrating. Might have to check an alternative like you mentioned.

  • Thanks for sharing the game, I didn't knew about a CD version of NiohGrin.

    I'm sure I'll fing good deals, specially for second hand CDs, I saw a trailer and a gameplay and truly is similar to Dark Souls

  • I dont know if PC has CDs, CD keys is a key vendor. Usually with really good pricing.

    Playstation and the likes get physical media though. Nioh 1 and 2 are my favorite games in general, I can return to them regularly.