Battery life?

For people who have a lenovo legion go i was wondering how is the battery life?

I know it will differ per game like if you run a triple A game vs Indie game for example,.

Same for steamdeck "indie games" vs heavy 3d games will make a big difference of how long you can use the device,

Also the Go has a higher refresh rate and higher resolution i think ?

  • i've been wondering the same!

  • "The Lenovo Legion Go lands about where I'd expect, nothing concerning and nothing special. The 49. Wh battery lasts around 2 hours on average, with it quickly falling below that as you push the device harder. If you dive into the performance mode, you can expect closer to an hour and a half, and sometimes less."

    This is a quote from this site:

  • If you play a heavy graphic game it can run 3-5 hours before you need plucking it in.  I have mainly been running Total War Warhammer 3 and it is about the 5 hours. 

    If you only download from steam it can run 24+ hours, so all the less resource heavy tasks do not eat that much at all. 

  • 5 hours on Total War Warhammer 3?! Have you capped the power limit to something super low? Honestly I just don't believe you with my experience of my Go!

  • I imagine them going for a better screen in the Go is another reason it eats battery. More pixels need more power.

    I saw a vid from Jayztwocents saying he was disappointed in it, ai may have to watch it and see why.

  • No I have not, but also not playing every battle out in full as some of them are just to easy. But I would agree with you that if you go in and play all the battles (hopefully with a bigger screen connected) it will drain the power real fast. 

    I have more problems with the power of the right mouse / controller, it always dies right in the middle of my games.