How is the eye strain on legion go?

I have epilepsy and the number one reason I am into portable gaming is actually the small screen that let's me play for longer. I was wondering about the community's experience with eye strain with this device, especially playing colony building games like civilization or rimworld?

  • I have been playing on Lenovo GO for a few month now and the problem I have is that the text is really small on it. Everything else is fine, so if you know the game and do not need to read a lot on the screen it will be fine. That is also the main reason I need a bigger external screen, preferable portable.   

  • I love mine, but, if you are playing a game with text it can be really small (obviously as it's a small screen), and that can cause eye strain sometimes for me, it's better with games that don't have text that you need to read like that if possible, or plug it in to a USB 3 HDMI adaptor for a monitor or TV for games that do.

  • Thanks for the replies, this is interesting to know. I have a son and am always worried about eye strain when he is playing on his PC so this may be a better option.

  • I think that these devices are better for games with little text. Civilization seems like a very poor match. 

  • My son plays on his and does not complain of eye strain. 

  • I imagine that they would make sure the Go has a good screen with no flicker and low blue light for this kind of application. Handheld are normally closer to your face than most screens. 

    I hope I win this months comp, sometimes I wanna play older games and I dont really need my laptop for it.