Legion GO 2.

What would you improve or like to see improved in a Legion GO 2 ?

I know Lenovo is working hard to make Legion GO as good as it can be, but after watching a youtube Gamers Nexus this discussion is needed. 

HW News - Unstable Intel CPUs, New Ryzen CPUs, Legion Go "2," RGB Light Staining GPUs  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=si4DTxFUUvM

  • I would love to have more storage space, longer battery life on the device itself and the detachable mouse / console. 

    Just hate when the mouse dies in the middle of a game and you need to reconnect it and recharge it, it just ends your gaming session.  

  • The screen being 2560x1600 rather than 1600x2560 and also VRR capable, using the Ryzen 7 8845HS with configurable TDP up to 45W but standard limit of 35W out of the box

    Minimum 1TB nvme globally, 2TB option in the build your own tool and possible support for 82mm nvme drives if it can be re-engineered to accommodate them somehow

    Frore AirJet cooling would definitely help with the space limitations

  • I dont have it but still i will give my opinion. I think its need better battery. I would like a smaller display options cuz 8,8 inches is really large. Apart from that a couple software tweaks and its perfects

  • A longer battery life and more storage would be nice.

  • The screen, I heard it isn't native to the orientation it is used, meaning some games run into issues. The resolution although it's need, as AntiKytherA says the less resolution would actually make for better performance and longer battery life.

    Storage should be 1tb minimum, 32gb of RAM set up to be the fastest it can be with tight timings. I mean you're charging 700quid for this beast and APUs AND Ryzen chips NEED good RAM.

    You would likely benefit from a dock, maybe with forced cooling so you can uses as much wattage on the GPU as possible.

    Maybe make a GPU connection so like the Ally people could actually hook it up at home to a stronger GPU and game at home too.

    Again in agreeance with AntiKytherA that the 8845HS could be good, though if if gets cheaper the 8945HS would be a better option since then you have Core offset at your disposal too, it could make fore even more performance.

  • Longer battery, more storage and improve legion space.

    I don't know if an OLED display would work or how it would affect price/output.

  • A 2TB disk space would be really great, the 512 GB is so easy used.

    You want the screen tilted, but no resolution change or how should I understand it ?

    I would love it with Frore AirJet cooling, because then the fans run at max it is not that quiet.  

  • Why do you want a smaller display ? 

    I find it hard to read game information on it at the size it is. 

  • VR support is something ai would like to see, in my opinion it'll make a more complete version compared to the desktop experience. Another important thing that could add a lot of value is a webcam.

  • Are those things not addons like a extern keyboard and mouse ?

    VR set that you could connect to Desktop, Laptop and Levono GO would be great, but think Lenovo should pick the best in the market and check if they could be used for them. 

    Why do you see a lot of value in adding a webcam ?