Legion GO 2.

What would you improve or like to see improved in a Legion GO 2 ?

I know Lenovo is working hard to make Legion GO as good as it can be, but after watching a youtube Gamers Nexus this discussion is needed. 

HW News - Unstable Intel CPUs, New Ryzen CPUs, Legion Go "2," RGB Light Staining GPUs  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=si4DTxFUUvM

  • The screen is actually a portrait tablet panel, so they force it where possible to run applications in the landscape orientation you would see in normal usage with the controllers attached or the kickstand propping it up: Legion Go: Native Portrait or Landscape, that is the question | Lenovo Gaming (UK)

    So native landscape if possible would be much better

  • Yes, it is forcing it to run in landscape, but you ban disable it like I did ones while playing around with it. I would just love to have a short key to switch between normal and landscape. 

  • It's strange that the official screen protector has a cut out for a camera if the device doesn't actually have one. So maybe it was originally intended but removed for some reason, or the alternative they used an existing protector from another device with the same screen dimensions

  • What is as strange to me is how many monitors are failing, mostly the cheaper and expensive ones. 

    screen protector, physical one or a program ? It might be a case of one fits them all. 

  • it's a thin tempered glass screen protector they package up and brand for the legion go: www.lenovo.com/.../gxj1n45009

  • The large display is part of what makes it great! Everyone will have a different preference here but for me it's one of the main reasons I changed to the Go from a Deck, I just couldn't comfortably read text & generally see the things I want to clearly enough.

  • VR support is a nice idea, but the GPU is nowhere near powerful enough for a decent VR experience unfortunately.

  • Please don't lower the resolution! Playing games that can run at 1600p looks amazing! And you can always use upscaling if a game can't run at the native res. The Ally's 1080p screen is the worst middle ground imho, it's too high to play AAA games at, but too low to get a perfect integer upscale that will look good.

  • Strange question considering the Legion Go has just come out. Sadly I haven't even held one yet so don't know any negatives about it that could do with changing. 

  • Having read through the comments I actually am put off buying one although would like to try it out. It seemed like such a great device from the streams Ben did with it but these comments make it sound not so good.