Manor Lords on Legion Go

Manor Lords seems to be on Hype now, a game with only one DEV that has achived something impressive during first week of early realease.

Seems a really time eater: It has brought together everything that people increasingly wanted in city builders, that apart from managing, there are battles, economic management and, above all, realism. In the rest of the games in recent years a pattern has always been followed which is that of a building for each thing. So if you like management games and medieval settings, don't think twice and buy it. It is not a Total War and it has no intention of being one because it has its own personality. It is based more on the management of your village/town and its resources than on conquest, but that aspect can also shine if you put work into it. Also the music is great.

On a recent Legion Go review looks so great to play on it, with easy adaptation difficult to imagine on this type of games. Awesome touch-pad accurated function. Some problems on 3rd Person view can exist, and some problems are the drop of FPS, being around 30-45 on closest cams or in some battles. But even for PC gamers it seems that we have to be prepared for "crashes and absurd drops in FPS" (as some people reported), so its not a unique problem for Legion Go, so I expect future patch and fixes about it. 

Video link: (Legion Go - Manor Lords - Gameplay & Performance) 

I hope you want to try it!

  • If you like city building and a bit administration with some combat Manor Lords are for you. My worry is just the screen size when you want to have a relaxing game and the Legion GO screen is hard to read all the small details. After trying it, it is not fun to use glasses just to read the tiny text, specially because I do not use glasses normally. 

    I hope Lenovo makes a magnifying option that you could activate and move around like a mouse to easier read the tiny stuff. 

  • Thats a good point, yes indeed.