Lenovo Accessories

Anyone from the Lenovo team can confirm if the

1. Lenovo Skins will be launched here in the UK
2. Official Dock will be released.
3. Any other accessories coming in?

  • Can you post a link for the original lenovo parts?

  • What's the source for that?

  • Yeah, I would like to see that too. 

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    Ahh. Interesting. Thank you for the links.

  • its a link that a user found below. 

    For the Skin - Lenovo Legion Go Skin - Overview and Service Parts - Lenovo Support ES

    For the Dock, it was officially announced on the US Forums.

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    Thank you for posting! No displayport on the dock.... so nothing for me.

  • Thanking for posting the links. The Dock takes away / blocks 2 USB-C and only give you 2 back. For me it looks more like a holder instead of a dock station.