Welcome to the new Legion Go discussion group!

I'm happy to announce our new dedicated Legion Go discussion group!

By popular demand, we're creating a space all about the Legion Go for members and staff alike. Our recent Legion Go product roadmap updates from  have been very popular, and have taken over the Legion Products group, so a new dedicated discussion group makes sense. We'll also be moving previous Legion Go product updates into this group soon.

Thanks everyone for your excitement about the Legion Go - we look forward to seeing what you have to say here!

  • Can’t wait to see how this handled pc marked wil evolve. How big jump wil next gen mobile chip be. Z1 extreme is impressive so far. 

  • Super excited about handhelds! Although I still haven't gotten my hands into one I'm hoping to do so next generation!

  • Same here and can not wait to see how Legion GO measures up to them all, special after the reworked Steam Deck OLED.

  • Thanks for setting this up Daniel and Ben . Interested to see owners input on real world usage. 

  • I'm super excited about handhelds. It felt like they came out of nowhere and made such an impact. It's been hard resisting buying one to be quite honest.
    But if this first generation has been this impressive I can't even imagine how great the next gen will be

  • I am very excited about handhelds. Always wanted to buy steam deck but the weak performance was a drawback for me. I think the legion go is the one for me. 

  • I'm not very young anymore and I stopped playing on my PCs several years ago. I needed a portable product with a large screen and good performance. The Legion Go checks all the boxes of what I was looking for. I found my childhood soul and I'm so happy HeartHeartHeart️ 

  • Nice. Great to see how good and popular these new handhelds have become, that can just play regular PC games, instead of far more limited mobile games!

  • Good idea. I imagine this group might get quite busy around boxing dayJoy

  • It think that the Legion GO 8.8-inch multi-touch screen with QHD+ resolution is better than the Steam Deck, and that 1600p are incredible!