Games that last longer on battery

2D/pixel games wil last longer on the battery then AAA games. So what games does people recommend? 
what comes in my mind is hades and dead cells. Two good rogue like games in their own way. 

dead cells 2D metroidvana style

hades isometric hack and slash style 

  • I mean you could probably emulate early consoles like the SNES and play the original Metroidvanias. I imagine those wouldn't require much power to run. Super Metroid is awesome :p

  • Since you mentioned roguelikes, Risk of Rain Returns and Vampire Survivors are great

  • Factorio is worth playing and so is Luftrausers. They're pretty light weight game so should help battery longevity. 

  • Octopath traveler is a good mix of AAAish and indie style which will give you more minutes of playtime compared with other heavier titles.

  • Puzzle games also tend to be easy to run and lots of fun.

  • Yesterday's giveaway on Epic Launcher should be good for that, 20 minutes til dawn. It has really low requirements and says any for GPU. You can still grab it until the next game goes live this afternoon which will be Plague Tale Innocence.

    Not all pixel art games will be efficient on battery, some use Unreal Engine 4/5 and have multiple layers and effects so you really need to double check the system requirements on each game in the details beforehand these days

  • Good idea. I've never considered playing something like that. I'll give it a try.

  • You could always try and get the old style Castlevania games, be easy to run and great games! I've been playing Earthworm Jim again on the switch and loving it

  • Oh what a classic! I loved that game when I was a kid, that show seemed so cool when I was...I don't know actually, 10ish I guess.

  • Hades, Risk of rain, hifi rush ? :) these all run great on high fps, but you can go for a 45 to save battery :).