How r handheld gaming devices getting so good, I'm way behind

I'm truely baffled by this, this is way more powerful than my £1500 i7 gaming pc, didn't have a clue they where getting this powerful, genius, and the little mouse control, my god, mega genius

  • I guess it helps that AMD are behind the top console hardware anyway so they know how to optimise and package the power efficiently in such a small form factor. It is indeed a far cry from the days of gameboy or even 3DS and PSP. Steam Deck really started the ball rolling for modern handhelds but I honestly think Lenovo has pushed it on to the next level with the Go. Okay the software was less than perfect at launch but they have been openly improving on it since and more importantly taking on board feedback from the owners and acting on the most common gripes that they can fix.

  • That's a really good point amd have learnt tons and r now helping making these little beautys crazily powerful, I was stunned when I saw a review of the legion go, blew me away, I didn't no valve had done 1 also and now I've just seen the ally rog, yeah an truely baffled, gaming pc in the palm of ya hands, lol my gaming pc is sat on the edge of my desk it's absolutely massive, need a parachute to carry mine around :-) thanks 4 replying much appreciated, hope ur having great holiday :-) happy new yr also :-D

  • I completely agree. The Legion Go is so impressive. I remember many years ago when I bought my first Lenovo gaming laptop and thought, "Why did I think I needed a huge tower of a computer? This is amazing and so much more portable!" And now that same theme has reached the next level with the Go. That combination of portability and power plus ease of use (I'm guessing those little detachable remotes are pretty easy to use) makes for a potent combination.

  • Indeed. It's a great new innovation to have handhelds that can properly run PC games, rather than be limited to special versions which limits the gaming library, increases costs and which are often very limited in quality.

  • It is great, but it is no desktop replacement! For it's size it's unbeatable, but the GPU is still weak compared to a desktop, which is fair enough at 30W max for the poor APU! I was showing mine off to my nephew over Christmas, I built him a gaming PC from secondhand parts a couple of years ago & I was curious how close it was to his 1070 for graphical power. From 3DMark results it looks like the Z1 Extreme in the LGO is very roughly half as powerful as the 1070. Again, amazing at 30W, but there is still a need for my desktop PC.

  • Oh yeah mate have u seen the little remotes, 1 of them actually comes with a little round stand and u can put 1 of the remotes into it and it becomes a mouse lol, absolutely genius, it has a little laser on the bottom and even a little scroll wheel, yeah the review i saw truely blew me away :-) thanks 4 replying, hope u have good holidays :-D

  • In it mate is mind blowing really, stunned me how it runs Windows so u can run all types of games, epic :-) thanks 4 replying also nate have a great holiday :-D

  • Oh wow even half as powerful as a awesome 1070 is crazy in it, that's sounds more powerful that my old 680, yeah is epic, will run games specially on the small screen shockingly well,, sound thanks 4 this didn't realise how powerful gpu was, yeah think it will run mist console games, was wondering if it'll run arma3 and escape from tarcov :-) lol might do, be crazy playing on that on the bus, tarcov makes me jump out me skin as u gave to have it loud so u can gear creeping etc and when some1 shoots or even when I shoot god makes me jump,be funny on bus. Yeah sound mate thanks 4 replying also hope u gave a great holiday cheers

  • I’m also very impressed. And with a docking station you can connect it to your tv. Can’t wait to see what next gen handheld gaming brings of power 

  • I agree. Honestly, like a year ago, I thought those devices are useless gadgets, but the Legion Go has my attention.