Reconsider adding 40hz/48hz refresh rates

I think adding 40hz/48hz refresh rates can help users achieve more fluid gameplay because many AAA games runs at about 40 fps on Legion Go on medium settings. In combination battery last longer as well. 

  • I just tried 40hz and 48hz with CRU with fps lock and got amazing smooth results. 48hz was even better in my opinion. Sadly touchscreen is not working on those frequencies. It will be great to have integrated sliders like on SteamDeck in Lenovo Space to change numbers on the fly.

  • Seems a good idea to offer more options like this.

  • What's the standard refresh rate?

  • Not only that, but if the screens RR can be lowered. You'll gain battery life too. That's a pretty good idea, maybe see about 30fps too. I know a lot of people hate that, but its a hand held PC, it will not last long running full tilt, having eco options could be helpful.

  • Also if you plan to play in docked mode. 40 fps can be a good experience with a mix of quality and performance. 

  • I am not 100% sure, but the steps of the refresh rate are given by the panel itself. My oled steam deck somehow avoinds going through 70 hz (for 35 fps lock), it either allows you to pick 68hz or 72 hz. I guess this could also be a limitation for the LGO

  • Sure there will some panel limitations but 40 and 48hz should be possible I tried it myself. You can find the youtube videos as well. I do not know how to fix the touch ability tho. 

  • The non-responsive touch may be addressable in a future firmware update if you report it to Lenovo with the steps and exact settings you used to set those frequencies. The chances are fairly slim if it's caused by a panel hardware limitation but always worth giving them as much of a chance to resolve it as you can.

  • touchscreen not working on 40 hz feels like a purely software lock. We can see the Steam deck doing just fine at even lower frequencies. Hopefully it gets added in the future for LGO also

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    The native refresh rate of the panel as it is coming out of factory is 144Hz.