Hi how do add apps to personalize your desk top on the Lenovo legion go thanks also I am very new to this 

  • I haven't gotten my hands on one yet, but I assume it will be quite similar to the way you do so on your PC. The Go uses Windows, so expect the Microsoft Store as well as anything else you may use to install things on your computer.

  • To be honest, i would not use such apps. For handhelds each 0.1 watts used is important, so i would not waste processing power on stuff that has little impact on your experience. :) just my thought

  • I agree with this, just keep it for necessities for gaming 

  • You can put shortcuts on the desktop to your favorite apps if that is your question.

  • Only apps I would consider are UXTU to see if CO can be applied to the CPU and iGPU for more performance and maybe LegionToolKit, it tends to be a lightweight alternative for vantage.