Windows XP

Does anyone know if you can create a Windows XP dual boot, every attempt I have made has ended in failure and I am desperate to play an old game called Viva Piñata.

I have attempted using a virtual desktop which has allowed me to run the game but every virtual desktop I have tried does not allow me to connect to Games For Windows Live, this will only be possible through booting windows XP on my actual device.

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  • There's a site called MyAbandonWare, you'll find the way to run it on there without the need for resorting to Windows XP dual boot

  • Im not sure how to do it, but cant you emulate it? 

    Kinda like a sandbox just to run the game in?

  • Yeah I'd be surprised if you can't emulate it, it's a pretty old game. Xbox 360 as far as I can remember

  • I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work tried every method and it just instantly closes when I open it, was able to dual boot windows 10, 7 and vista and it did the same, haven’t been able to boot windows xp, but when I emulated Xp it works just can’t use my Xbox live account on emulated windows to get game score for the GFWL version.

  • I can emulate it but can’t get GFWL achievements, I’ve already completed the 360 version on my series x

  • Perhaps it's too easy to work, but have you tried the Windows compatibility mode?

  • That;s a weird task you want to give your Legion GO :). I checked out your game, are you sure win 11 can't run it in compatibility mode ?

  • Doesn’t work

  • As you have requirement for GFWL. The easiest option would be to buy an older PC that runs windows XP well. Bear in mind its long out of support and has known exploits to the OS. You will need to make sure you isolate the traffic between the system and the internet.