New legion update

Just wondering if anyone knows if using the FPS limiter reduces power consumption?

  • Just to clarify i try to run all my games at 60 fps or as near to this as possible, but this results in me changing my tdp for every different game, can I just set it to 60fps, set the power to max and then will the power reduce to what it needs to be to hit 60fps?

  • Cant say i have noticed any personally

  • It should... all depending as different game engines need different things.

    But, things like FSR and limiting frames can reduce wattage so extending battery life. Say it takes 45w to do 60fps but then you drop it to say 45fps, you may fine the wattage drops to 35w since it doesnt have to work as hard.

  • in theory it should do, there's a noticeable difference for example if you do that on a desktop to the same refresh rate as the monitor can handle rather than letting the GPU max out FPS. It does also depend how demanding the game you are playing is though as the Go may not even get to 60 FPS in some titles even on lower detail settings

  • Same here. It feels that Windows has it's own mind in terms of power consumption with background processes, not tied to fps at all.