Legion Go Update 16.02.2024

Hi Everyone,

Just a few updates/comments today.


I did put out a new BIOS from the engineering team this week that aims to address the TDP disconnect between Space and the APU, so if you're interested in reading about that and getting more information you can…

This is just a 'quick fix' for now, if you don't care about custom TDP and are fine with the presets you can wait for an official update that is now released through Space.

SD Reader Stutter

Reminder that there is an updated Beta driver here that you can check out for the Realtek card reader.  Lot of people (who were experiencing the issue) have seen improvement with this, however it may not completely address the problem.

If you don't have any issues with SD reader lag/stutter you can ignore the above.

There was also a new chipset driver released by AMD that optimizes how modern standby performs a bit which we suspect may be contributing in some way to the stutter.  So the combination of the new chipset driver and the beta SD reader driver may get you closer to resolution.


Lenovo will eventually release these through our own support site (and through Legion Space) but if you'd like to get them installed earlier feel free. 

For those with Genesys SD readers affected with the same issue no one is ignoring that, we're assuming whatever fix we find for Realtek (where we have more people affected and thus more data to work with) can be applied to Genesys if/when necessary. 

Based on the positive reception for the Realtek driver we'll look at pushing that out to everyone as an official driver through Space, as well as seeing if we can implement the same modifications to the Genesys driver. 

Left Speaker Interference

Swapping a unit with one affected user (possibly 2) to get to our quality team for diagnosis.  Will provide updates as available.  In the meantime, many users have reported alleviation of this issue through updates of all available BIOS/Drivers through Legion Space.  Strongly recommend keeping your system up to date as much as possible as fixes may have already been released for issues you're experiencing.

Diablo 4

Some reports that Space is preventing Diablo 4 from launching properly.  Just happens that Space updated the same day as Blizzard updated Diablo 4 which introduced a small snafu detailed here (including solve): https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d4/t/diablo-4-crashes-when-it-is-loading/149125/85

As a side note, have enjoyed playing this on my Go personally.

Also, big thanks again to our beta testers.  They have been a huge help to me personally (and to you indirectly), sincerely appreciate their time and energy spent improving the product.

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  • Thanks for keeping us up to date, I wasn't aware of speaker issues bit I'm glad they have low numbers and also the the overall situation is improving with updates.

    Thanks Lenovo Team for your work and dedication in address every bug or issue Muscle tone1Blush