Legion GO vs ROG Ally vs MSI Claw vs Steam Deck

I can't help but feel like the space for handheld gaming PCs is getting a little crammed, and as a first time buyer it is difficult to get a good overview of all the pros/cons for the different devices. Of course it is one thing to read all of the tech specs and compare, but it is not just about the hardware but also the scree, the controllers, the feeling/layout/software/battery and so much more.

Do any of you have more than one of these devices or at least had access to try out multiple of them before making the purchase decision? What made you choose Legion GO over the rest (if you did)?

  • Gamers Nexus on Youtube just released their Legion Go review and they talk about the pros and cons of each of the big handhelds in that. My short summary would be Deck for simplicity & Go for someone who likes to fiddle & will get usage out of having full fat Windows. Or if you just want the biggest screen then the Go is the way too!

    I had a Deck before getting the go so happy to answer any questions on either Slight smile

  • Totally agree, the screen and an Stock Windows experience make the Legion Go really competitive and stand out a bit from otter competitorsTop