Why didn't Lenovo release the go with 32GB Ram option and a 2280 NVME

I've owned my Lenovo Go now for just over a week and the only thing I miss from my previous system a Ayaneo Geek 1s is the 32gb of Ram and the ability to slap a 4TB double sided 2280 into the system and allocate 10gb of the ram to GFX leaving an ample 22gb to windows did make one hell of a difference. 

With the size of many of the major games COD, Starfield etc asking for 100-200GB of hard disk the 512GB Lenovo supply with this system is too small to allow a decent amount of games to be stored on the system without having to uninstall and download. I don't expect to be able to install my entire library on the system but with the 512 I had a handful of games ones I play regularly and the dreaded red windows bar was on.

I've since upgraded to a 2tb but I have a 4TB 2280 sat there left over from the ayaneo I would kill to put this drive in and have the ability to have a decent amount of games on this system. 

I know most manufacturers pick the smaller 2230 or 2242 in Lenovo case to keep the temperature down and to help with power draw etc but when you buy a gaming laptop you generally buy the cheapest storage and upgrade yourself. You are seriously limited with these handhelds, most of the Chinese handhelds Ayaneo, onexplayer, Aokzoe all use 2280, having this option would have seriously improved this system in my opinion. Also most of the Chinese handhelds now come with 32GB of ram as a minimum, I hope Lenovo next iteration has these options.

This is my only bug bear with this system. I think Lenovo have released a excellent system still has a few issues to iron out but considering the short period it's been out I'm planning to hold on to it for a while and see what improvements we see.

  • There is a 1TB one sold in other regions and it would have been better to roll that out everywhere. In Australia though, there's even a 256GB model which I really can't see the point of. So that could have been 512GB and the rest 1TB minimum. Yes it would cost slightly more to buy but it wouldn't be that much different

  • Mmm cost saving measures maybe?

    I mean its not like the device isnt big enough to house one, could be design constraints too. If they already went down most of the R&D for the smaller drive placement a redesign would have been pretty costly.

    There will likely been an updated model when AMD drops new APUs next gen, they could incorporate it then. Hopefully they can work on module capacity too, so a 4TB smaller M.2 could be a thing.