New to legion go

Hello I am new to the legion go I LOVE IT! however after coming from Xbox is there anything I can do to improve on my experience so far I have no issues 

how do I know if my device is fully up to date? (As I know there loads to update)

what are the latest releases and are there anymore to come?

any game recommendations that work well on it?

  • Keep an eye on the Legion Go Update posts on this site (Look in the list of related posts on the right of this topic but that may only be visible in desktop mode if you are using a smartphone or tablet) but also the installed Legion software will check for updates for the operating system, drivers and bundled software and then notify you to apply them when they are available

  • Any game that supports FSR2 in the game options you should definitely enable that & play with the quality level until you get a happy compromise between frame rate & visual quality. If a game really doesn't run well then dropping down to 1280x800 is usually enough to get playable frame rates, with FSR to help further again if required, but you're really starting to lose visual quality at that point.

    As for game recommendations, what kind of genres do you like? I've played way too much Disney Speedstorm on Game Pass than is healthy on my Go. I've just started Horizon Zero Dawn to see if it can distract me away from that. Baldur's Gate 3 is a fantastic game if you like that sort of thing. I've had quite a lot of fun playing En Garde! on my Go as well.