Offline gaming.

As I am currently testing out my Lenovo GO and I have stumbled on the problem that there is not always an internet connection within reach when I travel and some games can not run in offline mode.

Let us put together a list of good games to play, when there is no internet.

  • Civilization VI - while we are waiting for VII to come out, hopefully this year. 

  • A little tip that works for a few games even through steam, if you are on steam, check the game you want to plays location, some games have their own launcher too, so you can actually by pass having to use steam and being online to launch the game. Assuming they're none live service that is.

    Not sure if this is quite what you meant, but thought I'd throw this out there.

  • All answers are welcome. I just dislike being disconnected when you move out of internet reach and what is Lenovo GO good for if you can't take it on the go. Then it is nothing more then a tine laptop. 

  • Did you buy your Go or are you one of the lucky ones here in the community?

  • Don't have one of those conssole but i'm guessing that only old games from the age of the first gen. consoles will run of line

  • My favourite go to offline game is always skyrim!

  • I was lucky to win in the first Giveaway on the Nordic Community that I was in.  (With is not this or the EDU community )

    So I won it, but not in this community and it has been a back and forth, because it was a password locked GO, because most test copies that are returned are used in Giveaways (just remember to reset it first). I runs fine now and I am testing it and comparing it to a Laptop/stationary. "Lenovo GO should be for the travel or would it be better to get a laptop ?"

  • It can run both as a console and as a normal laptop. So all games that can run offline will work. I'm looking for some good ones. 

  • Congrats. Are you happy with it so far? 

  • I love all things I win, but I have already added keyboard and mouse to it and looking for a bigger screen, preferably mobile screen. 

    The kind of games I love to play, the text just get really small and that is not good for my eyes.

    I tried Installing Valorant to play in the community and it will simply not run it. The screen is only shown in 1/4 of the screen and it shut down of overheating when running it, so looking for higher fan speed setting so it do not get so hot. 

    Al in all I´m still a bit on the fence on what I mean about it.