Offline gaming.

As I am currently testing out my Lenovo GO and I have stumbled on the problem that there is not always an internet connection within reach when I travel and some games can not run in offline mode.

Let us put together a list of good games to play, when there is no internet.

  • So you basically turn your GO into a Laptop. Love it.

    Astonishing that Valorant causes overheating. I played it when it was still in the Beta on a ThinkPad with onboard graphics and it worked fine. 

  • Yes, seems like it cooler needs to run at max when gaming. 

    Yeah, I have turned it into a laptop for me not to strain my eyes too much, but that was not really the idea with it as it should be more portable then a laptop, it is called GO after all... like game on the GO. 

  • Fan noise is in general something that annoys me regarding gaming on a Laptop. Since you probably don't use headphones with the Go, how is the noise level at max fan speed?

  • Not that bad, but you can hear it. The game sound overwhelms the noise and it is much better then the console getting really hot.

    I hoped with AI that you could have made a programmable AI fan system, so that when lunching games or program that has high fan demand the system would turn up the fan before it gets that hot and thereby level out the heat sinking / fan effect better.