A thought on upgrade paths.

I am a bit of a tinkerer when it comes to tech. Seems given the chance I can't help but have a poke around in side things, see if I can make something cooler... faster... or maybe even look better. This is where an interesting situation arises.

A while back I was going to upgrade the screen on a Gen 6 Legion 5, from the 72% SRGB FHD screen to the 100% QHD screen. Only it came a little awkwardly to a halt as there were limited vendors for the screen and someone who tried it before me found that the vendor would send whatever screen they though matched rather than the one ordered.

Why is this an issue? There are pin pitches, a few other bits and pieces, but also how much voltage the mobo will deliver to the screen safely and Lenovo's own inbuilt list of accepted hardware. Not all of this is public knowledge and can make things a little hard to do safely. It is not unheard of for a screen replacement to fry a motherboard over voltage discrepancies. 

So what am I shooting for here? I can't help but notice not all laptops even in the same series carry the same screens. Like some of the Slim models carry 3k screens, the 14in carries an OLED screen and the 9i pro carries a 3k MiniLED screen. Depending on screen types and bezels on the laptop you want to swap it too depends on if that's even possible. For example I was really curious if that MiniLED panel is compatible with the 7i. I can see that screen is a ludicrous amount of money, likely double it's actual value to buy as a part. But you guys gatekeep details and compatible lists, I genuinely think that some of these screens would be great options on other laptops of yours.

I am going to be really blunt about his.
14in OLED, great, but any more enthusiastic gamer will not want a 14in laptop, limited power and available SKUs means it's an expensive entry level. Why is there no 16in option for the Pro 5, 7 and 9 options?
MiniLED panel, for the "flagship" only? Really? The 7 series WAS your flagship. In all honesty it still is. Legion 9i gen 9 has nothing over the LP7 other than that screen, a carbon lid, metal deck and a gimmick of a watercooling thing with an inverted motherboard.
Maybe, you binned GPUs, not sure if you have a higher crossload limit or not, but the fact remains... Pretty sure my LP7i matches the LP9i and has better VRAM temps due to aftermarket thermal pads. Dunking on the LP9i aside... I have no option for the MiniLED screen and cannot really find out if is compatible.

It would be pretty sweet if you gave more options for your chassis, or even if that's not a built in option, if better screens will fit and work in other chassis.... make that information available. Offer that service... something.
I know of a few enthusiasts that tried using other MiniLED panels in the 3080 models but couldn't get one to fit. Heck some even now are curious about shoe horning the new screen in the new LP7 chassis. You're missing a trick for the sake of trying to make a more premium tier if you like. With screens, I genuinely think offering budget screens as well as better screens when ordering direct from you makes sense. That way even if someone only wants to upgrade down the line that option is there.

  • Is a pity that there aren't many updates on screens, specially seeing more appealing displays on middle range devices (technologies like oled and MiniLED).

    Would be an important feature to update those screens or even include some Oled alternatives on the customisation section of the Lenovo site.

  • Indeed! I mean Lenovo were very slow to swap over to 100% DCI P3 screens.

    I have no issues with people wanting budget options, but on the Pro series, there should be premium options too. Or if they do update them on the next gen, if that screen then fits in a previous chassis, make that info known.

    Pretty sure a few peeps have put the 100% DCI screen in the gen 8 pro 7s. Since they're pretty much identical to the gen 9 bar CPU and anodising.

  • That and the fact it's an option for the Slim 7 gen8 so it's not like it wouldn't work

  • That and the fact it's an option for the Slim 7 gen8 so it's not like it wouldn't work

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