Do you think laptops in general need a better webcam?

I always would like to see better webcams on laptops, is really sad that you've always to switch to your smartphone for better quality.

Still nowadays most laptop most of the laptops use 720p.

What do you think?

  • Yes, absolutely agree with your opinion. Not sure why do we get all the fancy features on our laptops, and then get scammed with camera quality. For example, there's a 4k monitor, and then it's only a 720p camera.

    I prefer PC/laptop for Zoom and other chat apps mainly because of bigger screen, so I need to look for external cams instead of an integrated one.

  • I think most companies focus on the pure hardware power  and price to compete with others. A buildin webcam is sadly not a reason for people to buy that product. If you implement a better webcam the costs will rise and most likely people will buy a cheaper one instead. Thats why I think they all stick with the 720p ones for so long. Hopefully it will change in the future.

  • To play devil's advocate - I disagree!

    Most people with office jobs are working hybrid, but most would also be supplied with a work laptop. How often do most of you actually use the webcam on your laptops, unless it's for work? I would assume it is quite rarely unless calling family and friends - but most of us use our phones for this anyway.

    Gaming laptops I would argue a different point however. Since some webcams support Tobii eye tracking, I think it's inexcusable that a lot high end gaming laptops don't even offer this as a feature unless you specifically look for laptops which support it. Windows Hello is also really convenient and I would love it to be included with higher end devices as default instead of again, and option you have to specifically look out for.

    So I think that for general devices, I couldn't care about the webcam. The built-in one suits purpose fine enough, and if you really need higher quality external cameras are cheap and easy to find. Higher end devices should honestly support more features though, even if the general camera quality doesn't improve much.

  • Depends really.

    I mean as a gamer I don't care for the camera as I dont use it. All streamers end up with fancy cams and microphones anyway so inbuilt stuff would be wasted.

    As for business, i mean a decent 720 camera would get the job done, do they really need all that much detail to waffle at you in a meeting?

    Business/ hybrid laptops maybe a better camera could be beneficial but personally I like ASUS's approach on the gaming side, if you want a good camera, go buy one lol

  • Yeah, I’m totally agree with you! PC webcams don’t have a good quality, they should be improved and maybe they should be brought to the same level of smartphones. Nowadays, if you want to have a video call with your friends, it’s better with mobiles Sweat smile

  • I agree with Ragnaraz. I'd rather save some by not having a webcam build in at all and then use a good external webcam that I already have anyway. Besides I like to be able to disconnect the webcam completely and covers can damage the screen. I'm okay with no webcam in laptops.

  • I rarely use webcams personally but considering the cost of a premium laptop you'd expect a decent webcam. I have a laptop from 12 years ago that somehow has a better webcam than some of the current laptops.

  • I completely agree with you. One of the issues I've always had with my Lenovo laptop is its camera. Firstly, the position at the bottom of the screen is bizarre and extremely inconvenient (unless you're really paranoid about people spying on you - then it's great). Secondly, the quality is garbage. Sure, if you're a professional streamer you're going to buy a good webcam separately, but how difficult would it be to put a slightly better camera in a laptop? I mean, my laptop cam vids/pics look like they were taken on an iPhone 4. I'm all for an upgrade. At this point, I'm sure it wouldn't even be that much of an extra cost to get better than 720p!

  • Depends, highly. I personally am just fine with 720p webcam since I don't really need much better quality on my laptop. If I need a better webcam and a microphone, then I just use my desktop setup. On the other hand, it does seem like all other parts of laptops are getting upgraded, but webcams still remain several years old.