Lenovo PSREF - What is it for? Why should consumers use it?

Lenovo has a database full of information about every machine they manufacture which goes back to at least 2020 if not before but also gets updated every time there's a new product released. It's called PSREF which is short for Product Specifications Reference and can be used to help you find the right machine when you are looking to buy one or look up details about one when the shop or website you are considering buying one does not have the full information available.

The website can be found at Product Specifications Reference(PSREF) (lenovo.com) but there are also apps available from Apple Store and Google Play so you can take it with you if shopping in a physical store.

How it works is you put in the model name of the laptop or if you have it the full model code for example 83G00007UK which is a Legion 9i would bring up this page Legion,Legion 9 16IRX9,Model:83G00007UK (lenovo.com) from which you can find every last detail about the laptop and any bundled accessories and software.

It also comes in handy when people are asking about different laptops on Discord they are considering buying but are not entirely sure what the hardware is in them. You can either refer them to that site or give them information directly from it.

Try it out for yourself and if you have any questions please ask below.

  • If you sign in to the support site, you can normally find all your documentation there too, assuming you have it registered to your account that is.

    There are full manuals on how to strip and rebuild the machine.

    So that may be an easier method for your specific machine.

  • Thanks for this hint! I like it because this will give you the stuff for the right model you have..sometimes there are different iterations so this helps.

  • Very good and useful information. It will help me, thank you.

  • You can access that information without signing in as long as you have the serial number or at the very least the model number or type to enter on the support site, it's also how I have been linking people to the right page and drivers for their laptops to get the correct Intel I/O driver or GPU driver for their laptop.

    If you are already signed in you can change the model and search for a different one too. That change is not permanent to your account, it's temporary for that browsing session.

    PSREF is more for potential customers than existing owners but sometimes it helps to look things up quickly. My own laptop is a custom build so the specification information is not shown on the support site because they never entered it when it was built and there's no way for me to upload it.

  • Very true and good points.

    For me it was handy when having to swap all those laptops about, signing in meant the laptop that was registered was right there so I didn't have to keep chasing serial numbers.