Suggestions for future products.

I frequent several forums and honestly the division when it comes to laptops makes me laugh and dispair.
In one corner you have people whining things are hot, loud and heavy, in the other, the care not for the weight or noise, they just want more power at there fingertips in mobile format.

Here comes the suggestion.
Pro versions should come with vapour chambers and liquid metal. Be it 5, 7 or 9.
Because I constantly see people with Pro 5's complaining their i9 throttles and tops at 120w. Of course this makes a big difference when it comes to the 5 and 7 performance differences and all, but at the cost of a loud and overly hot machine. Why not make it cooler but limit the wattage in other ways? Or limit the top SKUs so the lesser chips actually match the performance while still being cooler and quieter?

Again, for the Pro only models, implement an external waterloop like XMG did, you can make your own funky Legion 240mm rad/pump combo, Make a larger say 400/440w PSU and have the machines have a higher crossload or CPU max while hooked up to it. Much like the XMG Neo, make it an option, the means to use it is inbuilt in the laptop. Standard high end air cooling is already there with stock power limits, so the normal 330w PSU is all that's needed for normal use. But then in you hook up the water loop and the bigger PSU, you get more performance as well as a potentially quieter machine.

IMO, this is what you should have done with the Legion Pro 9. Generally these feature should be at the very least applied to the Legion Pro 7 too.

  • I don't have too much to contribute to this because my technical knowledge is limited, but from the outset, I think this suggestion is great! As gaming laptops become more and more powerful, heat dissipation is always an issue (my Legion runs SO hot), and if there is a solution with water cooling and liquid metal that doesn't too significantly ramp up the production cost, why not take it?

  • I agree on this, the Legion 5-7-9 need to get liquid metal as cooling solution.

    If Lenovo Vapor chamber technology improves thermals further I hope to see it on all legion models, is just crazy the amount of heat and fan noise laptops make (specially with RTX cards).

  • The external eater cooling may not be cheap, but they're optional. So you could always buy it later on when you have the money kinda thing. I know I'd be on that.

    Its funny that the LP7 7945HX if you got a good bin with a CO could CB R23 all core at 5.4ghz at 155w and not throttle. The 14900HX can't hit its peak numbers at 190w and it throttles. So I think the added cooling and allowing more wattage would not only keep the machine from throttling, but allow it to use more of its true capabilities.

    I mean the 7945HX came with PTM and throttled a lot, I swapped it to Conductonaut Extreme and it would barely touch 80c in CB. Absolute beast of a CPU.

  • Thank you for the advice. It will until for a lot of people juste as me who no know a lot the components of computers.

  • Thats it: I dont know where the future will be, but will be great to try to invest in more efficient GPU, CPU, coolers... because every improvement means more weight, more heat dissipation power and more energy. If that way that you say is the best on this moment, i go with it, even that we need an external device

  • Yeah, with great power comes great responsibilityJoy

  • The funny thing is by rule of thumb with PCs of any kind, they say thermal headroom is wasted potential. 

    In a laptop, if you gimp the cooling, you no only gimp the performance, but also louder. So if you put a a good chip in a laptop, if you actually have good cooling it is quieter as well as more performant. The "that'll do" approach has always bugged me.

  • I agree wholeheartedly that the top end laptops on the market suffer from inadequate cooling for the most part. Some of the blame does however lay with consumers who want the most powerful components possible in the thinnest and lightest chassis they can get.

    Yes, I really went there...

    It sounds a recipe for disaster because it usually is. Lenovo have much better thermals than many of their competitors but can still do better in the sense that the traditional dual fan with heatpipes cooling solution in my Legion Slim 7 is the same as that used for the 5 Pro. Now while it's arguably good enough for my mine, the same really cannot be said for the 5 Pro. That would indeed benefit from at least a Vapor Chamber if not liquid metal too.

    Thickness of the laptop is not so much of a challenge in the Pro range as they aren't really the road warriors the Slimmer models with lower wattage components can be anyway since they need to be tethered to a charger a lot more.

    That said, I do cool my current laptop with an IETS GT500 when at home and wish I'd had it for my old Legion 7 gen 6 now too.

    Should expensive aftermarket coolers be necessary? Arguably not, the way I see it is that if it prolongs the life of this laptop and I can carry on using the cooler for decades to come it will pay for itself eventually anyway. Of course there are cheaper cooling stands/pads and I had one of them, a Targus Chill Mat. That had two very quiet (and therefore not shifting much air) fans inside. I used to not bother using them that often because they made next to no difference.The IETS GT500 is the polar opposite, it pushes enough air through the laptop you can feel it coming out the touchpad and grill above the keyboard around the power button as well as the exhaust vents.

  • The weight argument has been a long standing annoyance for me.
    If you want a thin and light... buy a thin and light, don't buy a gaming flagship then moan it's heavy or loud... It ends up loud trying to keep itself cool while being weight conscious. Which as you say is a recipe for disaster.

    I did have a GT500, it was annoyingly loud, so I built my own from 3 Phanteks T30's, a Noctua PWM and a PSU I made fit. I then had to buy a second base plate and modify it for more airflow and the temps are amazing, The laptop is still safe and portable and I still have my original baseplate just in case. This is a very expensive way to get the most out of your machine. I had to rework the LM in mine as the core deltas were pretty bad, the GPU mosfets only had half the thermal pads on them too. So it got Conductonaut Extreme on the i9, PTM 7958SP on the GPU and Iceberg driftice thermal pads everywhere else. Still, give this i9 a beefy task and it gets much hotter than the 7945HX(when LM is applied to it), and draws more power doing it. Yet the XMG Neo with the oasis attached is much cooler under the same loads.

    This becomes one of those things that is great for a home power boost and noise reduction but with the option of uncoupling and still being portable. It needs to happen.

  • that is a fact that always haunts us all, thanks uncle "Ben" Giancarlo  Sweat smile