Lenovo Vantage - E Sports Mode - Game Greys Out

Hello All,

I recently received my Pro 7i and I ran into an issue (?), if it is even that, maybe it is a feature or what it is supposed to do.

When I am playing games, mainly Division 2, I tried the E-Sports Mode, specifically the Aim Assist red dot to see what it does. When I have it on the game itself becomes greyish. There is a noticeable difference in color. This also happens when I raise/lower the volume of the laptop mid-game.

Is the E-Sport mode supposed to do that to games? Is it something in the game itself (Division 2) that makes it do that? A setting in Lenovo Vantage?

Thank you all in advance!

  • I'm not really sure, but could it be an anti-cheat mechanism within the game that punishes users who use assist programs like that? That would be my first guess, as a lot of multiplayer-focused games use a variety of anti-cheat software.

    However, the volume shouldn't affect it... I've never heard of volume affecting anything graphical before. Perhaps it's an issue with the connection of the screen to the base of the laptop? Maybe a wire is slightly loose and the volume adjustment knocks it around, affecting the display. That would be my second guess. Harder to fix, that one, but you could try opening up your laptop and see if you could get to the bottom of it. 

  • I do not personally play this game, but did a fast google search and found this.

    They say:  turn HDR off   sounds like it interferes with something in the game. 


  • There's an E sports mode?

    My G7 has an aim assist built into the panel you can turn on, but I wasn't aware there was one in the laptop itself too?