Are we getting OLED screens too?

Having seen this article talking about a 14" legion 5 with a 120Hz OLED panel being released in Asia, I can't seem to stop checking the news every few days to see if it or similarly-equipped models will be released into the wider market and the UK.

It would be a great incentive for me to pick up a new model especially with the very lacking upgrade that the 4060 and 4070 were this year over the 3000-series!

Preferably I would love to see it as an option on the 16" legions as well! Any chance / insider news?   

  • It would be good to see more OLED offerings. Until Micro led comes to market they don't really have much competition

  • Is there a big price difference to Oles? Does it use more battery? 
    I think Lenovo is good with their screens on laptops. They always come with more nits then the other laptops. 

  • I'm afraid I'm unable to comment on any sort of product rumours or speculation James.

    However, it might be worth keeping your eyes on the community over the next few weeks. Perhaps starting from, ooooh, I don't know... tomorrow? Eyes

  • It will happen sooner rather than later but I agree it would be nice to see larger screens with OLED too, not just the 14". That said, a 14" OLED Legion would fill a gap in their product range worldwide. Also note the lack of NVIDIA sticker in the model picture you posted, that's an AMD Advantage product which are also thin on the ground this year

  • Legion Go looks awesome, I hope that's one of the announcements for a new product available outside mainland China but understand the embargo means you can't reveal anything more than you already did. Thanks for the teaser anyway

  • It would be a very nice upgrade! On a 4K screen at the minute both console and PC. This would be a very nice upgrade 

  • I just hope they have fixed the disadvantages of OLED like Burn-in where the colors fate in brightness after heavy use over time. Specially with gaming PC and Laptops that is a key detail for me. 

  • Unfortunately that can never be fixed due to the nature of the technology, only attempts to mitigate it are possible.

    In the end it means you need a good warranty on products with OLED displays.

  • As far as I know they are more expensive than typical LCD LED panels, not sure how much difference there is with the more expensive pro panels that go up to 500Nits that you can get on legions at the moment, doubt it is too much considering you can get plenty of reasonably priced home and office laptops with oled though.

    It can use more or less battery depending on what kinds of things you use it for. Looking at white backgrounds all the time more, watching horror movies probably less Laughing

    The main thing is that once you have used it you can never unsee it and everything else is worse in comparison!

  • Wow that's wonderful!

    OLED screen are something else, specially for the brightness and color accuracy. I'm exited for tomorrow news  Grin