New Gaming Laptops

Hello everyone:

I just need help to choose a good gaming laptop. Please help me!!

But it should not cost more than 1400$

Thanks Pray

  • Hi Joker_zida based on your suggested budget you could check out the Legion 5i Pro Gen 6 laptops, you can configure the ram and GPU but the cost does increase. 

  • I'd say go for a Ryzen 5 (or 7) with a 3060 or better if you can find a good deal. Dont skimp on the screen, go for high hz and good sRGB

  • Hi! I think with your budget you could check out the legion 5 gen 6! If you’re a student you can have a student discount! 
    Try to choose a laptop with a 3060 (avoid the laptops with a 3050), 16gb of ram and at least 300 nit for the screen, and remember you can always upgrade the ssd later if you need more space. 

  • Definitely agree! 3050’s tend to only have 4GB of VRAM. 

  • Yep! An older Legion 5 or maybe even a cheaper Legion 5 Pro (3050?) should be within your budget.

  • I think with your budget a legion 5 will be a good option

  • All great suggestions here. What did you decide on in the end