What do you like more. Desktop or laptop. Or portable.

What platform do you like to use. Desktop. Laptop or anything else and why?

  • I like both desktop and laptop but lean more towards desktop for longer gaming sessions. I the best of both worlds in the raw gaming grunt at home in the desktop for enjoying the latest AAA games in all their glory on a larger screen which is way more comfortable and easier to game with and a true road warrior with the Legion Slim 7. The Slim 7 is no gaming slouch either, I have played Lies of P, Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption 2 on it without any issues. I tend to use it more for work though and the fact a gaming laptop can last nearly 10 hours on battery for that purpose is kind of mind blowing to me.

  • i like desktop and laptop. Portability is no excuse for me. everything can be portable honestly. a desktop maybe not but with a portable monitor yeah i could see it. and even if a laptop is huge nowadays you can find anything. both insane performance and battery life. but theres still this one problem that i dont think anyone has gotten rid of. heat. the smaller the more hot it will be. and thats one problem i wanna see solved.

  • I like to game on both laptop and desktop, but the key factor is screen size (also counting secondary screen) and how good the graphics are displayed on it.  

    For work both options work fine, but for long hours of gaming an Desktop win in my mind. The better graphic card and cooling really wins compared to a laptop. 

  • Would always choose a desktop PC over anything portable. Out of experience desktop is a more reliable option than laptop and as I don't feel the need to be "connected" 24/7 portable things don't interest me much. Also prefer a custom build that will fulfill all what I need it for, which is a very hard find among pre-built or laptop/portable options. 

  • I currently only own a laptop and do prefer it. I travel quite a lot so it's far easier to have all of my work/gaming stuff on the laptop.
    But I do recognise that owning a desktop is far better for gaming. Maybe whenever I settle down I'll buy one

  • This pretty much. The only time I'd consider a laptop is when I'd need to travel and require the portability (for work, not games, of course Laughing). Any other time desktop beats the laptop, especially when it comes to monitor sizes. :3

  • I use a laptop mainly, I have built desktops before and I do love the fine tuned experience and options you get with a desktop, as well as the power you get for the same price point as a laptop. That said, space constraints and moving about a bit make a desktop a slightly more restrictive format. Having a geuine all in one solution I can move about is pretty handy, it uses less power than a typical desktop too.

  • I really have started to value the portability of laptops over desktops. It's just a real shame about the lack of upgradability and VRAM compared to desktop that makes the purchases less worth it to me

  • Desktop for me, always has been but that's because I've no need at the moment to have it on the go and I also know I can get the most power out of a Desktop computer 

  • Desktop is the best but my 2nd kid took my gaming room Joy so laptop it is now. Have to say that todays laptops feel more close to desktop now than some years ago. I also got my eyes on the legion go