How are the temps on the latest Legion gaming laptops? (Rtx 4000 series)

I have often had overheating issues with my last 2 lenovo laptops, now with heavy hitters being released for premium prices, i wonder how reliable the higher end of the legion series is for the laptops in terms of overheating and other issues that may occur frequently. (Pro 7I 5 Pro). Any experiences to share?

  • Can't help you with your question, but since you mentioned your overheating issues, which Lenovo Laptops did you have?

  • Depends on the model and what you have inside it.

    In the 7 pros both the 7945HX and 13900HX are hot chips. Both can be undervolted and limited though. You can lose a little performance but you can also gain a lot too.

    The 7945HX in the Legion 5 is a bad move as it is too much of a beast. I hear the AMD HS chips are not as hot and easier to manage but that os to be expected as they're meant to be more efficient and use a little less power over all.

  •   summed it up well. The question I have for you though is what if anything were you doing to aid the cooling of your last two laptops? Were you raising the base or using a cooling stand/mat? Did you run it on your lap, soft furnishings or a bed cover blocking the air intakes?

    The Ryzen 7 7840HS does stay much cooler in comparison to my old Ryzen 7 5800H to the point the fans do not need to run constantly like they did for my old gen6 laptop. The RTX 40 GPU also run at a lower wattage than RTX 20 and RTX 30 did because nvidia optimised the die architecture. Obviously Lenovo still set them to run as fast as possible within the thermal capacities of the laptop cooling designs but they have also overhauled that aspect too.

  • I have seen many of those issues with newer laptops and if you do not cool it extra (help it out) they might just overheat. 

    Many of the high end says they have extra cooling, but when you go into the details you find that it is not quite the Superman they have said. I really wish there was a version with Extreme cooling so that it can compare with a stationary PC. 

  • I had hoped that Lenovo would take a similar approach to XMG and use an external water loop so when you're docked you can run more power and cooler/quieter too.