Warranty/Customer care/ misleading?

Ok, So after my AMD issues and botched repairs, My case was escalated and the above team saw fit to replace my machine as a good will gesture.

Firstly, said manager tried to get me to accept a 4080 replacement to my 4090 machine. Made many excuses until I cited warranty rights of equal or better than.
I then properly get offered the 4090 Gen 9 Legion Pro 7i, I am over the moon, after AMD woes I thought the move to Intel would be great. Since AMD warranty cannot be extended for no apparent reason and the Intel machines can.
I double and triple check the spec of the offered laptop. Most definitely a 4090. I have to send my machine off and wait a couple of weeks for my machine to arrive.

Finally, I get it today. Set up most of my stuff, fire up HWinfo only to see it is a 4080 machine. As you can imagine, I am pretty annoyed. Have nothing but issues with AMD, get my claim low balled before being properly offered a replacement only to get the lesser laptop anyway. So likely again I will have to return this machine before I will be able to get the one I should have been sent anyway. Leaving me again without a primary machine.

I thought I would make the most of the situation to learn a little about the Intel way of things, being a 14900HX chip undervolting and overclocking should be an option in the BIOS, apparently not. The BIOS has no such options available and neither does Vantage. So this 14900HX 4080 machine doesn't have any of the HX options. No BIOS updates for it, everything is up to date. This can be addressed which is why I am bringing it up.
Chances are I won't have this one for long as I'm going to be getting it swapped for a 4090 model. I just hope that the next one is correct and can have the advertised features used.

The service I have received has been both great and terrible as you can understand this is leaving a little of a bitter taste in my mouth. I am still looking forward to getting the correct replacement, hopefully it is... and hopefully the HX options are actually there like they are in the Gen 8 machines for 13th gen.

EDIT: I had to reflash the BIOS, reload defaults and do an EC reset for the proper options to appear. But now, it can be undervolted. Random as hell issue.

EDIT 2: So the EMEA guy screwed up the returns procedure, gave no contact and then cancelled that, and gave me a days notice to get it ready to return. Then apparently cancelled that and has not contacted me since. Now I am again roaming through the no mans land of getting Premium Care to escalate the situation again to try and get this incorrect replacement 4080 swapped for the correct 4090. This is getting beyond a joke. Premium Care nor I can actually get hold of EMEA unless its via email or escalation. So I have no idea what is going on and I've got to wait for someone to contact me to hopefully get my *** machine sorted. This is turning into a horror story you see on bloody reddit.

  • That is very disappointing. Companies should make it right when the things they sell don't work right.

  • That is very disappointing. Companies should make it right when the things they sell don't work right.

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