Project Crystal - New concept transparent Lenovo laptop

I saw this article and thought it was quite interesting. PCMag have a hands-on with the new Lenovo ThinkBook Project Crystal proof-of-concept transparent laptop screen with AR capability and full touch enabled keyboard/tablet surface.

I have to admit I think it it looks rather sexy Heart eyes  Could be quite useful for design and business use, probably not so hot for gaming re the screen but with looks like that who cares. The touch keyboard might be a bit awkward but if it's accurate, snappy and responsive enough I could maybe get used to it, I'd really have to try it and see.

What do you peeps think?

  • It definitely looks cool but a lot of the features made me think, "Ooh, yeah, actually that wouldn't be very nice..." I'm specifically referencing the lack of privacy (that opacity filter or whatever would be an absolute necessity) and the virtual keyboard. I can't imagine it being great with any sort of background light either, but maybe it looks really cool in a dark room. Anyway, very interesting idea and I'm glad they made the project even if it's just as a showpiece.

  • Im with you. When I watched the video, the first thought I had was: "That's nice, but if I'm in a public place, or on the train with people looking around, I can't work quietly, since they're going to see everything, or even a movie or a video game, I don't want them to see what I do either."

    Although it looks incredibly good because it is a glass screen, for my surprise, and the awesome glass keyboard, yes It seems interesting on work meetings or to feel modern myself. But work hours with this kind of transparent vision, I dont know... maybe could distract or tire out a little when writing.

  • Just for that, I won't buy it, Just to see through the case ain't worth it, To convince me you need to improve thermal, speed, and graphics

  • Look's like a interesting concept but to me lacks utility I prefer having a background to better see my work etc. It will also come at a premium I don't see many businesses buying in.

  • It looks very cool, but I don't see all that many use cases. AR glasses would beat this is in pretty much every case, I think.

  • Looks super futuristic, a cool idea and all, but your points are exactly how I feel about it.

    Add needing to keep it spotless so it doesnt look silly covered in finger prints or the cost of the machine or parts if it fails...

  • Cool looking but not the most practical 

  • It is always fascinating to see companies coming up with such futuristic concepts. Currently I am not able to imagine in which situations this transparent laptop would be useful, or what perks come with this kind of display, but it is absolutely interesting nonetheless (heck, I still cannot believe that the display has a set of micro-LEDs inside and still looks transparent... are they invisible or what?).
    For now there is no comparison at all with the image quality of current standard displays, but I am curious to see how this new frontier will evolve in the near future.

  • Is a truly innovative idea, besides the practical limitations that could have for daily use and comfort I would love to see this product on the market one day.

    I might not be for everyone but is something that deserves to be developed further in my opinion 

  • searched, seen it, watched the review :It ain't for me that's for the "fancy people", the ones that wan to appear like inthe past with the rare fur.