Dissatisfactory Conclusion, full recap.

I have had one thing go wrong after another and tbh, the compensation is pretty poor in all honesty. I'll write as short a version as I can for some context.

Buy a Legion Pro 7 7945HX RTX 4090.
Run into random thermal issues on the memory controller causing the RAM to back off, ALL temps that can be monitored are amazing due to a repaste and pad. Try all roads to fix this, different thermal pads, putty sizes... you name it I tried it on everything. All temps amazing, Memory still backs off under stress test conditions.

Premium Care get evidence of this and decide to issue a new motherboard and vapor chamber.
Motherboard is a refurbed engineering sample and a faulty one at that, the RAM slots didn't work properly and one failed completely. Vapour chamber was fine. Obviously I has to fit the VC to know the mobo was not as it should be.

Premium Care then send another mobo, but despite my insisting, I get no VC this time. all the thermal pads are deformed due to the VRMs being different on the 2 boards. PTM is half on the mobo half on the VC, so swapping them over wasn't really an option. Engineer has nothing to hand to make it work so I have to use my own stuff. Thankfully I had some thermal putty, a smidge of 7958 SP and Conductonaut Extreme. Enough to safely use the machine without it cooking itself. The putty was a little old and wasn't really holding up well. So again contact Premium Care and explain the situation and I need a new VC to actually get the machine to run correctly. They argue and say I should send it in instead. I point out that I had to use my own materials because they didn't do it properly in the first place, so they then say they will not look at the machine at all. I then phone them as I was fuming I was being penalized for their mistake. A new guy completely understood what had happened and authorised a new VC.

Engineer comes I had my machine in bits ready to swap this over quickly, he pulls out the new VC, it is massively bent and half the thermal pads are damaged. We look at each other well aware that this is not usable. He leaves and talks to his boss about a useable replacement.

At this point, my machine has been out of action around a month due to stuff just not working or me playing it safe while waiting for TIMs to try and fix the issue myself first (With Premium Care's permission at that). I contact Premium Care again. Tell them I am sick of this and request an exchange unit because they don't appear to be able to fix it. The case is escalated to EMEA, this is where this get even worse.

A few days later I get an email from a Wassef, saying they're pleased to say they will exchange the unit. Thing is, the AMD 4090 is no longer available. So he tried offering me a Gen 9 LP7i 4080, I say my machine is a 4090 and if he matches this I will accept. He then tried to manipulate me into agreeing to a downgrade and claims the 4090 isn't available. To which I respond with a screenshot of the 4090 on the Lenovo site and state my consumer rights and warranty rights of a replacement needs to be the same or better than the original machine. All of a sudden he immediately offers me the 4090 model. I'm happy with this, we arrange the pick up of the faulty AMD unit and eventually the new machine arrives several weeks later. The pick up wasn't exactly smooth as Wassef was incredibly vague and didn't actually clearly answer questions asked.

After being so anal about having me check over specs and making sure I agree to specifics which I only agreed to the 4090... imagine my outrage when after firing my new machine up I find it is the 4080 anyway. I contact Wassef again who blurts a copy and paste apology and says they will expedite a pick up and replacement for the correct unit. This is where is gets even worse. TNT screwed up the first attempt, then Wassef gave them SOMEBODY ELSE'S DETAILS on the second attempt. Then promptly contacts me threatening a legal escalation as I am making the return difficult. I personally chased up TNT/FedEx only to find all the issues actually came from Wassef. During all of this and many repeated mistakes I had made several calls to Premium Care making a formal request to have this fool removed from my case and somebody more competent take over, each time with evidence of his general screw ups and stress causing. All of which ignored. 

So here I am months later finally with a usable machine, stressed out to the point it has made my mental health and other issues worse, I talk to Premium Care about wanting to make a formal complaint as this just isn't acceptable. Only to be told that the same incompetent muppet is apparently the guy I need to lodge the complaint with. Yeah, because that is really going to work. I did state in an email to him I wanted to complain and the reasons why. To which as you would expect... he brushed it off with a half cocked apology.

Several months of having a faulty machine, attempted to force me into agreeing to a downgrade then I'm pretty sure Wassef sent the 4080 thinking I would just accept it rather than making a fuss, followed by screw up after screw up, legal threats because of his own incompetence.... and no form of good will gesture for causing such a nightmare and no means to actually file a complaint either?

This truly is not acceptable. I am grateful for the replacement now I finally have it. That does not excuse this service though.

  • fingers crossed the replacement works properly and you don't have to deal with Wassef again. That said, it may be worth seeing if you can complain higher up the chain. Wassef is not the highest level Employee in Lenovo after all. Maybe  can advise

  • I mean if Dan could throw his hat in the ring I'd appreciate it.

    So far the machine works a treat. The i9 isn't as strong as the one I returned though Sob

    No complaints in this department though, ai have a new machine, no faults and a 4090. I can relax again.

  • Is that just down to silicon lottery or did you get a completely different specification Intel i9 SKU? I don't suppose you got a bump to the 14th generation refresh in the 2024 Legion 9i.

    Also I doubt Dan can get involved with any ongoing complaint but he may know of a more senior contact you can reach out to than Wassef, that is all I meant

  • I did gsther what you mean with Dan, this isn't his department so to speak.

    Yeah, it is actually the Gen 9 i9 LP7i. The AMD machine ie no longer available in the spec I had. They also refused to extend the warranty on the AMD machine. So although I requested to move to Intel for several reasons, they didnt have a choice since they had no other options as Gen 8 LP7i was replaced with the Gen 9.

    I know that itself it fairly lucky but it came with it's share of torture.

    As for silicon lottery, tell me.about it. I could do a solid UV and get a 5.1/3.6 all core boost in CB23. I can UV this chip further, but it does less with what it gets. Stuck at a 4.9/3.5 all core. Its set to 5 though.

  • Hi Ragnaraz, sorry to hear you've run into these issues with Customer Services. If you'd like to explore this further with me, we can chat via the community message system?

  • Sure thing, no idea how to use it, so if you message me I'm sure something will pop up lol

  •   i did pop on your profile to see if ai could shoot you a message but there doesn't appear to be an option. 

  •   i did pop on your profile to see if ai could shoot you a message but there doesn't appear to be an option. 

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