Where are the real gaming phones?

Every recent gaming phone that I have seen is just an Android with RGB lights. But what about real gaming phones with real controls, like the Xperia Play? You'd think that nowadays there would be a large enough market for phones that have actual controls built in, especially since now there are actual games on mobile and gamers who are interested in mobile gaming. Why do you think there aren't any actual gaming phones on the market? Do you think that we are on the edge of getting them anytime soon?

  • They are still a bit niche so none of the manufacturers really invest time and money into them other than subtle changes like materials and RGB from the outside and maybe some hardware tweaks internally. It seems these days all they care about is AI on everything, plus the usual one-upmanship over camera and video quality.

    I recall the phone you are on about, it looked really good but I was never lucky enough to own one. The slide out controller was a great concept, I think they used it in one of the Pierce Brosnan Bond films too. He controlled a BMW 7 series (maybe a 5 Series) with a phone and it was either that Xperia or a Nokia with slide out controls.

    So I doubt they will make a serious comeback with a controller built in at least, there are some decent bluetooth controllers that work great with Android though. I have two very different ones, an officially licensed Bluetooth Sega Mega Drive controller and a cross platform EasySMX 9124Pro. They are chalk and cheese in what they can do but I enjoy using both depending on the style of the game. The sega is perfect for retro games, especially the free sega collection of course.

    I use the EasySMX mainly on PC via wire when the battery needs charging or the wireless dongle it came with. It can be used with Nintendo Switch as well and has the gyro control in too but I haven't got a Switch.

  • I think that if I had a blank check to buy a gaming phone I would buy the ROG 6. The design is for and to play, there is no possible comparison. All its components, design and software are focused on allowing you to play with your mobile wherever you want: Processor, a beast that performs at 3.2 GHz. Cooling GameCool 6 cools the CPU from all directions and adapts according to the number of hours you are going to play and the demands of the game. 6.78-inch, 165 Hz AMOLED E4 screen that features AirTrigger 6 technology with ultrasonic sensors that will collect your heartbeats with total precision. And 6000 mAh battery.

    But sincerely, I think that a mobile is for call, work and photos. I prefer 1000 more times a Legion Go or a Switch to gaming.

  • It's probably a matter of time when we see more of them.

  • Ive always had xperia phones but never gamed much on them 

  • Xperia's have always been my go to phones,but never owned an xperia play

  • If only anyone other than ASUS made that phone, I don't trust them at all for build quality and their warranty service is as much use as the proverbial chocolate fireguard. I miss the original Nokia phones as well as Sony's Xperia because the HMD Global Nokia phones are generic low tier phones playing on a brand they really have no connection with other than buying the rights to use the name Nokia on the phones.

    The Nokia 3310 was the first gaming phone with Snake. It was almost as addictive as Tetris

  • Is going to be hard to have something beyond the 2 lateral triggers that some manufacturers include on gaming devices.

    For now the best we can get are independent GPUS and maybe in the near future solid batteries, fortunately newer games include compatibility with controllers and keyboard/ mouse.

  • I never take xperia but for play with a phone it is necesary to look the games wich want to play and to adapt the phone with the games.

  • Oh hell no.

    As if you mentioned Nokia and didn't say N-gage?! Those were legit gaming phones. I had the QD. Man, those were the days, playing Sonic and Tomb raider on your phone before 3g, smart phones and emulation on android.

  • So do I, I miss Sony Xperia, I use to have them, they were the vanguard on screen and sound, but nowadays there are more cost-efective phone brands. Indeed is Asus, but seems a nice one., even that Asus policies are despicable...