Best mobile games for casual play?

that I actively play, anywayYears ago I used to play Clash of Clans, Dragonvale, Subway Surfer etc for hours each day. However, life caught up and nowadais I have barely any games installed on my phone (that I actively play, anyway). What would you recommend as good casual games for just killing some time here and there in 2023?

  • Try idle Heroes or epic Seven. 

  • Hi! Some of the games I’ve played and I’m playing with my mobile phone are: Hay Day, Gardenscapes, Clash of clans, Clash Royal, Among Us, Candy Crush Saga and Township! Smiley

  • I try to stay away from mobile games now because they're a huge time sink when there are more narrative-based games to play, but back in the day (ahem, like a few years ago), I used to play Jetpack Joyride, the mobile version of PUBG, Temple Run 2, and of course Pokemon GO.

    But the two I actually enjoyed the most were Shadow Fight 3 and Art of Conquest. Shadow Fight 3 was a remarkably well done fighting game, and Art of Conquest reminded me a lot of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, but with a slightly different (but still very fun) combat system. Those are my recs!

  • Give Vampire Survivors a try. It's not real time based doesn't have annoying p2w or even ads that you have to watch. 

  • It's not a new game, but if you enjoy match-three games, then Triple Town is a fun time killer. 

  • One that i'm weirdly addicted too (not a competitive game or anything) but a relaxing one called Water Sort Puzzle

  • Have you tried Pixel Dungeon (and it's countless fan-made modded versions)? It's a brilliant game, perfect for 5-10 minute sessions but plays as a solid roguelike game. Well worth trying, completely free too!

  • I played some Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 a few years ago, I'm not fond of this genre of mobile games and their predatory tactics but I wanted to try it out because I like the series and gameplay wise it was a good variant of the formula I think all things considered, that said I don't know what state the game is in right now so I can't say if I recommend it but I did enjoy it and I never felt that mistreated despite not spending money on it.

  • Recently got into Marvel Snap. It's quite fun! At least until you get to Gold ranks, then it starts to get a bit tedious as people tend to have huge collections and better cards at that point. Despite that, it's good fun to kill some time with for an hour or two a week.

  • There's a game that hasn't been suggested yet and it's one of the funniest phone game I played with my friends back in high school, it's called bit-life and is starting to be pretty famous. You should definitely give it a try, it's well worth it and doesn't require a daily connection so that's always a plus when you don't have too much time for yourself. ;)