charging while gaming

how will charging while gaming impact the phone/tablet? 
Can it get hotter and throttle? what about the battery life ? 

  • In my experience throttling occurs faster when fast charging my phone, however normal charging doesn't seem to induce performance throttling faster than playing on battery.

  • It really depends on your phone and what settings / mitigations your manufacturer has implemented. Generally speaking it's not as bad as it used to be if you have a modern phone but can still be a problem. And the thing is, throttling is there for a reason - it's there to help stop the damage you might otherwise cause by making the phone overheat. So if your phone is throttling, it's probably a good thing in terms of your phone's (and/or battery's) lifespan.

    So yes generally it can impact your phone and/or tablet. Charging heats up your phone and battery. Gaming heats up your phone and battery. More heat = bad. Heat can reduce the efficiency of batteries and it may also make your phone hit throttling levels over a sustained period of usage. But just how much throttling you'll get and how much damage you do to your battery is depending on the phone, components and how often you're doing it.

  • I can't comment about the battery life, but in my experience, the phone can get hotter while it's charging and running a game. However, on a game with high settings, I do get maximum frame rates and there's very minimal stuttering on charge. This is on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

  • Normally charging generates extra heat in the device so will probably lead to increased risk of throttling and lower performance whilst gaming. Some new phones have new features and charging tech that detects when you're gaming so instead of attempting to charge the battery or use the power at all from the phone's battery it just uses the power from the charger itself, thus the device is actually cooler as the heat is being produced in the charging brick away from the phone. This is a very neat feature as it gives better thermal performance to the phone/tablet processor and means you can run the processor at higher speeds than if you were on the battery - meaning better performance!

  • If you do it occasionally, it probably won't affect your device too much. However, doing it all the time can lead to higher wear and tear on the battery, which in the end will result in a shorter battery life or, in extreme cases, a damaged and unusable battery.

  • I always try to avoid playing while my device is charging in order to preserve the battery as much as possible. However, sometimes the battery drains quickly, and I have to charge it or connect a power bank. Even so, I make an effort to minimize this practice. A few years ago, I read that constantly charging batteries can cause serious damage and even cause them to explode. Since then, I have been cautious and have been avoiding constant charging.

  • Depends of the frequency, is normal to use these devices while charging. For example laptops and smartphones. 

    Is recommended not to use the smartphone on heavy works (gaming, hotspot) while charging for the sake of the battery life and excessive heat (specially on summer).

  • This is why I'm not a fan of fast charging. It puts a lot of strain of the phone. Playing while charging more slowly should generally be fine.

  • Hi! Personally, I put in charge while I’m gaming because if not the battery goes fast down. For my Pc there is no negative impact. But it depends on your own device, and on how much and how many times you charge your device. For this, can be a consequence a decrease in the maximum capacity of the battery, the same thing for mobiles. 

  • Charging your phone or tablet while gaming can definitely have an impact on the device. Firstly, it's important to note that charging your device generates heat, and gaming also tends to generate a lot of heat, so the combination of both could potentially make your device hotter than usual. This increased heat could potentially cause your device to throttle its performance in order to prevent damage, resulting in decreased gaming performance.

    In terms of battery life, charging while gaming can also have an impact. While it's generally safe to charge your device while playing games, it's important to note that the battery may degrade faster over time if you frequently charge and discharge it while using it for high-performance activities like gaming.

    To minimize any potential issues, it's a good idea to use a high-quality charger and cable that are rated for your device, and to try to avoid using your device while it's charging whenever possible. Additionally, it's a good idea to take breaks from gaming to let your device cool down and to avoid running your battery down to 0% before charging it back up.