Have you tried android emulation on PC?

I find it much better to play games on a big screen than play on my phone, any game I try looks better and feels like you're playing ps2 era games, I play racing and fighting games.

If you are on windows 11 I know there is native support for some android apps and you don't need extra software, but I am on 10 and haven't tried it, I use bluestacks.

Of course, if the main reason you play mobile games is cause you want to waste time on the bus, then this isn't going to help Slight frown but if you like some game beyond just using it as a time waster you can try it, it is very different than playing on the phone.

  • Yes, I've tried some emulators time ago.

    Honestly I was quite surprised with the improvements over time and the amount of customisation of your virtual device.

    I also played some games like PUBG, I don't have windows 11 but I'm thrilled about native support of mobile apps Grin

  • It's provided by Amazon using their App Store unfortunately. I'd prefer it if it really was native to the point of using the Google Play store. I have run Android apps under linux but not windows

  • I've never even consider such a thing! Most of the games I play on my smartphone are quite simple and don't really need a big screen to play them.
    That being said, you've got my curiosity. Wasn't aware we could run some Android Apps on Windows 11 so I definitely need o try that.

    I used bluestacks ages ago so I imagine now it's even better than before.

  • I tried an Android emulator once, but I wasn't to happy with it, because somehow it needed a lot of computing power. So I prefer a N64 emulator for Mario Kart. Joy

  • So what are the better emulators then? Any recommendations?

    I have to admit I'm a bit skeptical, because I see most PC games as having superior capabilities to any android games from the get-go (simply because they are built on a more complex platform), so what's the point? I remember enjoying certain phone games, but I deleted them, because the notifications were becoming a nuisance and starting them up felt more like an exercise in getting the daily rewards than an activity leading to any worthwhile use of time.

    I guess the only advantage to do this is that it would be way easier to play certain mobile games and you'd have a much higher level of control than on a phone.

  • it's far better to use a bluetooth controller on a tablet than PC emulation if you can. either that or stream the game to your TV from a phone and do the same. Some TV have android built in and bluetooth support like my Panasonic which is even better as you can load games directly on them. Bluestacks is the best of the emulation bunch if you must go down that route.

  • Years ago I used bluestacks and Nox to play some android games on PC so I wouldn't have to deal with battery life and for better gameplay (using mouse and kb). Bluestacks had issues and there were some annoying things about using it, I don't remember what they were anymore but it was enough to get me to find another emulator. Nox worked better but it was sketchy, I got a warning from my antivirus that it tried to contact some advertising site flagged for malware and I deleted it and switched back.

  • Yeah I didnt know or even think to check this stuff out! I've got windows 11 and must check it out. My partner would absolutely love this for playing PUBG mobile

  • I've used android emulators, but just for work, not for games.

    But on the PC I prefer to play full-fledged PC games, not android games.

  • I've tried blue stacks years ago but it wasn't as close to the experience i needed to run the apps I don't necessarily need on my phone. I now have 2 android phones as ones a US market phone so i cant sell it in the UK. Its old but still does the jobs and I've offloaded the apps I don't need loyalty ones etc to it.