Modern AAA titles coming to mobile

In the past decade, there were some triple A titles like GTA: San Andreas / III / Vice City that were ported to mobile.

Do you think there will be any modern AAA titles coming to mobile in the following years, such as the late GTA V?

  • There is a lot of money to be made on mobile, but the hardware is very limited. Nevertheless, I see a lot of opportunities, but will studio's actually take it?

    Rumors are that we'll get Valorant, Warzone, CSGO, Rainbow Six, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield and Destiny on mobile in the future.

  • Honestly it would improve the mobile gaming scene if they make good effort ports of high quality games. The problem with mobile gaming has always been mobile games, or the quality of them anyway. They are good to play to waste some time when commuting or whatever but if I wanted to sit down and have a good experience would I pick any of them over, say, The Witcher 3? Definitely not, but if you ported The Witcher on mobile, yeah I'd play it.

    I believe Apple made a big deal out of support Resident Evil Village in the latest iphone, to me it's a step in the right direction to get some good games on phones.

  • no. not without very reduced settings that would probably cripple the development of the game on other platforms with far more capable processors and graphics (ps5 and pc etc.) They just don't have the power to run AAA-games, maybe 5/10 years after they are released and the hardware catches up a bit though - but are these still what people mean by AAA?

  • Genshin make my iPhone hot and throttle. Can’t see how they make even better games run smooth. But who knows 

  • maybe streamed from cloud gaming services but not running locally. the issue I see is the even more widespread variations in hardware and capabilities than the PC market. There are so many different phone chips, RAM configs, screen types (not just size and frequency), storage types in the mobile market any developer is opening a massive can of worms attempting to do justice to a AAA title on mobile.

    but streaming them over 5G or wireless network could definitely work

  • This is a strange topic for me, I use as a media device and watch YT and sometimes shows if I'm lazy. Having multiple gaming devices, I do not see the point in mobile gaming.

    I mean they will either nerf the graphics, make it a stream service or you're going to pay 1500quid for a phone that could do it. At that point just buy a Steam deck or Legion Go and have done with it. Just my opinion like.

  • I think we are still far away from that world. The hardware doesn't allow it but maybe there will be ingenious ways of managing to do it.
    I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  • Older games getting ported is happening but the remastering was messy in the case of GTA. 

  • Like most other commenters have mentioned, the limitations are in the hardware. AAA titles generally like to take advantage of high-end GPUs, and as we've discussed elsewhere on this forum, optimization is becoming less of a priority. Both of these things are bad news for the mobile gaming community because big games need to pretty heavily optimized in order to not destroy a phone while playing. The better bet is to take well-liked classics (like they did with GTA: SA) and port them onto phones. However, because mobile games are such a market, I don't see them going away anytime soon. Phones will continue to incorporate better and smaller tech, allowing them to play games with better graphics. Some games will get there, but I don't see it becoming a pipeline from AAA game release straight to mobile - at least not in this day and age. 

  • To be honest I would say no. Not that I do not want games to be available on PC, Console and Mobile devises, but I have sadly heard rumors that games developers have gone back to preferring PC over console and Mobile. So I want to see them bring the big titles to Console and Mobile before I would bet on it.