Mobile games for de-stressing

I’ve been looking for free and new mobile games that are quite routine as a game but test your brain to use as a de stressing technique. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • Hi Samantha! For mobile games , totally free, I can recommend you for example Gardenscapes and the famous Candy Crush Saga: when I play these games, I move away a little thoughts and I relax a lot. Another game is Clash Royale, very nice this tooGrinning

  • There are plenty of such games available in the puzzle game category, so it depends on your preferences. I can recommend games such as Wordscapes, Sudoku, 2048, Threes!, Maze Machina, Monument Valley, Connect Dots, Mahjong, and so on.

  • I love Tetris, but you might not find that relaxing. You could try Stardew Valley if you like management games.

  • Wordscapes, Monument Valley, Alto, I Love Hue are all quite relaxing games but still have some puzzle elements in them.

  • For me is working Hay day, it gives me chills vibes with the country music in the background while just playing and having fun with my farm. No stress thereRelieved

  • Me too, I recommend you Hay Day, which I revalued few weeks ago. I used to play it many years ago, seen that it was a game proposed from Facebook. Anyway, it’s a game absolutely not stressful and enjoyable Smiley

  • I have to say candy crush saga. Easy to zone out and have to use your brain a little to get the right matches 

  • I like suduko & mahjong, you can find them on Google or via play store. Plenty of games of free games Play store, it depends on what you call relaxing/de-stress type games so hard to name ones.