Mobile gaming device

Hello. Which mobile devices would you say were the best for gaming? Mobile phone recommendations & tablet recommendations welcomed. 

  • The Steam Deck and the Switch are obvious ones if you are OK with a dedicated console. I'm not really into hardcore gaming on phones and tablets, so I can't give recommendations there.

  • Id probably say the OLED Switch. Great screen pretty good library of games and exclusives, good battery life and the option to play it on the TV at home too. I recently upgraded to the OLED over the V1 and it's head and shoulders better. Could do woth a bit of an upgrade these days a new model or successor will be here in a year or so and there's no set plan on backwards compatibility yet, so any games may end up being Switch only if a Switch pro or 2 comes out.

  • I have tried iPad Pro m2 2022. Very good hardware and screen. But very expensive.