How do you optimize battery life on your phone?

Hi Grin, I'm searching for new ideas about battery life and how to improve it.

Your advices are welcome here, let me know how do you fight battery life and consumptionBattery

  • Try to keep battery charge between 20% and 85% as far as possible and disable constant position tracking from useless apps

  • on iPhone you can

    Enable Optimised Battery Charging

    Use Low Power Mode

    Turn on Auto Brightness

    Enable Reduce Motion

    Limit your screen's refresh rate

    Turn off Background App Refresh

    Limit Location Services

    Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirDrop when not used

    Update iOS

  • In my experience, it's best to not keep your phone plugged in very often. Make sure let the battery run down to almost zero and charge it all the way back up again (rather than giving it little boosts of charge here and there). That being said, these days batteries are getting a lot 'smarter', meaning that these strategies are probably less effective at prolonging battery life.

    For battery consumption, ensure you've closed all the apps that you don't need (they eat up battery even running in the background), turn off Bluetooth and even wifi if you really want to save battery, use low-power mode, use the lowest brightness level, and if you aren't going to use the phone for a little while but need the battery to survive, switch it to airplane mode.

  • Most of all, turning down the screen brightness should be the biggest boost to battery life, and set the lowest screen auto-off time that you can without it being annoying, also if your phone is OLED then setting dark mode on everything will mean battery lasts longer because OLED pixels turn off completely for black color which means lower power usage. Other than that it's mostly making sure the phone is doing the least it can, so turning off things like bluetooth, wifi, nfc, mobile data, etc when you're not using them. Cutting off access to the internet is actually a big battery boost because of all the background tasks phones do when connected, of course if you actually need to be connected then this is not possible but you can at least disable as many unnecessary programs and services from running in the background as you can, and disable any 3d/animated screensavers or menu backgrounds.

  • Most phones have energy saving modes that are pretty helpful. If you have a high refresh rate screen, turn it down, use adaptive brightness and don't have any wireless on if you don't need them.

    Some developer options you can unlock allow you to underclock your phone and limit back ground apps and such, that would also have a positive effect.

    • For Android Google does put out some instructions that may be of use. 

      Choose settings that use less battery

      Depending on your device, you can:

      • Let your screen turn off sooner.
      • Reduce screen brightness.
      • Set the brightness to change automatically.
      • Turn off keyboard sounds or vibrations.
      • Restrict apps with high battery use.
      • Turn on Adaptive Battery.
      • Delete unused accounts.
      • Turn on Dark theme.

      For IOS
  • Turn off 5G if you are in an area with either a weak or no 5G signal

  • Agree, but also close apps down after you have used them and not just let them run in the background. 

  • You can set it to charge up to 90 or 80 percent maybe or you can charge the phone only when it dips to 5 percent apple has a special feature that lets you check your battery health and then you can optimize based of that reading

  • Thanks for sharing your opinions, I don't knew some of your advices.

    For example that is better to not do constant chargings during the day.

    5G is a turn off for me now, is not worth it due to the heat and battery (specially on summer).