Android Phones

I've always had samsung/android and i'm due an update, what phones would people recommend? the main selling point for me is memory and camera quality!

  • I guess it depends on your budget.
    But if you want camera quality the Google Pixel phones tend to excel in that category. And they aren't extremely expensive.

  • Samsung,id reccomend for displays and general user experience. their cameras are good too. but Samsung gives you what you pay for. you want a really cheap phone. you get cheap camers,display and specs. you want a flagship? you get the best display.user experience and specs on the market. but there are other options. Motorola for example,makes really good budget phones with nice cameras and awesome displays.and theres asus with zenfone and rog phone. those id reccomend for mobile gaming. but overall,the biggest competitor is samsung. hence they are popular among their S and A lineup. But the oldest here is Motorola since 1928.

  • With the Pixel OS support going up to 7 years for the 8 series and the 6 series and above 5 years they're a good bet for a long term phone at good value. I traded in a old iPhone we had knocking around and got a Pixel 6a for under 200.

  • Yep go for Pixel if you can, there are also options in the Pixel range for different budgets. The 7a, 8 and 8 Pro are all great phones. I'm most likely going to get one very soon, either the 7a or the 8. I'm hoping my Nokia phone carries on working for a few more months despite them doing their best to brick it this month with a dodgy ROM update which has messed up the update checking for Google Play System Updates too.

    The other factor is how people get new phones and this is important. A lot of firms have started using credit agencies like Klarna who have an exceedingly bad track record at overcharging or carrying on charging as well when a phone has been paid off or returned (even if they have been informed the phone has been returned). So be very careful if you buy a phone in this manner.

    If you go the other route and get a phone off your mobile service provider as part of the Monthly SIM contract, you have to watch them like a hawk too because again, there's been overcharging for handsets when they have been paid off (or swapped, customers getting charged for two phones) from a number of them reported in the press still in 2023.

    I did look at the current Motorola offerings, including the very expensive ThinkPhone (for what it is). The one of them I'd go for as a potential alternative to the 7a would be the Moto G84 but it's got a Vegan Leather back for some reason which I'd have to put a shell over to prevent it getting trashed anyway

  • All depends on your budget Mollywg, there's quite a wide range of options.

    You should check the:

    Poco F5 (under €350)


    And If you want the best camera experience go for le latest google pixel, let us know your price range.Grin