90-00's PC games on Android or Legion Go. Are they posible to play on it?

As I grow up on the 90-00's videogame era, I love that kind of games, with imperfect graphics but amazing gameplay, and I'm looking some how to play it on Android (also if its posible on Legion Go). Do you know some way to do it and if its legal? 

I know that some games like Heroes Might and Magic III, Doom, Carmageddon, Sonic, Metal Slug... etc, had they own APP in order to play it, or some "fan remakes" like Free Heroes 2, but there are a lot of others that I miss, like International Rally Championship, Need for Speed II or III, Blade of Darkness,  Rune, Hollywood Monsters, Ace ventura, Dune 2... 

  • You could try Windows "compatibility mode" or use a virtual machine. And for old console games you can find emulators online.

  • Look in the Google Play store and search for SEGA Classic because there's a load of them free to play in there. Also in Steam for Windows SEGA have released a lot of the same collection ported to PC, I have nearly all the Sonic games and Bass Fishing Pro on Steam all of which are again official releases by SEGA.

    DOOM is on Steam too and there are deals on the entire DOOM series to celebrate it's 30th anniversary.

    I reckon all of these would play well on the Legion Go, with the Sonic games you actually have to limit the frame rate to 60 fps or it runs too fast to be able to control Sonic anyway.

  • There's bound to be something, I'd be surprised if there wasn't a emulator you could use on the Legion Go, I know some companies had brought them out for their own games

  • It's much easier to play these kinds of old games on the Legion Go because it's pc hardware. You can run virtual machines, emulators, get the games on GOG, etc. On Android, it's a different story. Some older games are available on the Play Store as you mentioned, but definitely not everything. You'd have to rely on community made ports for that. Emulators for older consoles are also available on Android.

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    Yes, Its growing up the name of people doing ports, and thats amazing. Recently I saw that some people are doing one with Perfect Dark to PC, and others Goldeneye with improvements on multiplayer options and adding bots.

    Thats the problem, on Android is harder to find the way to play it. I'm going to take a look deeper this days on the net if I find something. 


  • I like using emulators, there are some great ones for upscaling the experience so it's still enjoyable.

    Generally some frown upon it, but when most of those games are not for sale any more anyway, I see no harm in keeping them alive.

  • As people mention emulator is a possibility. We also live in the remaster era Joy so keep your finger crossed that a game you like get “hd” remaster 

  • Emulators are my go to for Retro gaming as I no longer have the TVs that can run them properly. The Go being a Windows machine will have wide compatibility with them.

  • emulators are a grey area legally, you need to own the original game yourself really and even then Nintendo are actively pursuing the creators of emulators that enable people to play games from their hardware. I have a collection of C64 games that are licensed officially and came supplied on a CD-ROM with a speedlink competition pro joystick, they are great for a nostalgia hit. I also have a collection of Atari games for my PlayStation, again officially licensed. In Linux there are DOOM and Descent emulators available that have probably been ported to Android but they also require the end user to supply the game levels themselves from official media.

    so basically be careful what you download and run anyway because cracked copies of games, even older ones can contain trojans and do also leave you open to prosecution for using them in most countries. being caught is another matter but is it really worth the risk?

  • I hope that with de AI era, could "remaster" a game with Unreal Engine 5 or similar on a easy way, and those amazing games be played on actual sistems.