Favorite Nintendo Series... The Debated

What's your favorite Nintendo series of all time?

Nintendo has some of the longest-running series in gaming, plus some very dedicated fandoms behind each one.

Which series is your all-time favorite, and why? What does it mean to you; what hooked you on that series?

  • Pokemon just because of the nostalgia factor! I grew up when Pokemon first came out and now seeing young people enjoy it like I did back then is really nice to see. I remember when Pokemon Go first came out-- shoot, that was probably the closest we got to world peace with everyone just walking around catching pokemon.

  • I go back and forth, very much mood dependant. One of my favourite genres is Metroidvanias, so I’d be so tempted to say Metroid, but… There is something so joyous about playing a new Zelda game. Perhaps Prime 4 if it ever appears will change my mind.

  • Good call on Zelda-- never disappoints!

  • I must admit kid Icarus uprising, although never returning always holds a soft spot for me. I am very dedicated to Pokémon but I think my all time favourite is probably Zelda because it’s such a spectrum of different type of games with such a great interlocking lore. 

  • It's between Zelda, Metroid and Smash bros.

    But they're all so different its hard to choose. Zelda games are awesome adventure games, I love exploring the world, smashing pots and blagging fairies for upgrades.

    Metroids are great gritty shooters, i enjoyed both the side scrollers and the 3D offerings. Dread was a great return to form just wish the switch had a bit more power to output nicely to a 4k tv.

    Then there's Smash bros, fron melee to ultimate its been such a sweet evolution of fun fighting and mini games. Collectinf trophies, sticker and spirits adds on the list of things to do that stops a fighter becoming boring.

    I just cant pick, but my first love was A Link To The Past and will forever have a special place in my heart.

  • Does Wii Sports count?! Smile

  • Metroid has always had a special place for me. The gameplay dynamics, upgrade path and boss fights. make it special. Though the new flagship title Prime 4 is still a while away. 

  • Wen I was little I really liked super mario and mario kart but growing up and becoming aware of the rabid fandom behind nintendo and the company itself being outdated and deaf to what the fans want made me not enjoy them anymore