Needs a hardware update sooo bad.

I know there has been rumour mills for years about a successor, but Bayonetta 3 has really highlighted how dated the switch is. I know they were never super graphics machines anyway, but dayuuum. B3 could have looked so much better and had a stable 60fps docked. Disappointed

Nintendo really need to get their finger out.

  • The Switch was pretty underpowered even at launch. But given it's only 5 years old I wouldn't hold your breath. Think most companies try to get a 10 year lifecycle out of their console generations. Maybe they could do an updated version with more modern components? I did hear there is an unofficial rumour of something maybe coming out from Nintendo late 2024 but no idea if that is a Switch refresh or something new. Unfortunately I haven't owned a Nintendo since the N64 so doesn't really affect me.

  • Im a big fan of Zelda, Smash bros, Metroid and more recently Bayonetta. Pretty much got a Switch purely for those. The Terga X1 is well and truly obsolete, I'd say they would be only be able to save it with a streaming service, but again there isn't enough power to tap into for it to work smoothly.

  • If I am not mistaken, not long ago there was an article in which Nintendo said they "almost" made an upgraded version of Switch, something like PS Pro, but decided not to do it in favor of a completely new system. So we might actually see a new system from Nintendo in a few years. But then again, Nintendo never actually preferred graphics but rather innovation, so it remains to be seen what will their new system be.

  • Gonna agree with you there. Even midrange phones nowadays are more powerful than the Switch. 

  • Some newer games such as Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and Bowser's Fury are really painful to play on an OG 2017 Switch. I've experienced frame rate drops, performance issues, and crashes. I have no idea if the game is at fault or the console. Nintendo had the golden opportunity to upgrade the Tegra hardware during the development of the OLED Switch, but they missed it. Disappointed, but not surprised. Disappointed

  • According to recent rumors and news from Nintendo, we might be getting a new Nintendo system next year. It will likely have better hardware than the Switch, but given Nintendo's history of keeping the cost of their consoles as low as possible, it may not be as powerful as the current PS5 or Xbox SX. I just hope it will be backwards compatible.