Wireless or wired controller

Recommendations for wired or wireless controller for the switch? Which of the 2 options have you found to be better and why? I recently got a good one from Game but wow the buttons are weirdly stiff and clicky

  • I really like the Nintendo switch wireless pro controller. Feels so good in the hands. Good buttons also. I have some wired controllers also, but they feel so light. 

  • I always go for wireless controllers for everything. This is just preference but I like to be able to move it around or scratch my head with my knuckle for example without a wire in the way, I have some good rechargeable batteries to use with my controllers, The most important thing it to get one that's good quality and won't be useless in a few months.

  • Depends of what is more comfortable for you, it should suits you well for you needs. If you use also the Nintendo outside your home a wireless option is really comfortable.

  • I have a powerA licensed Zelda wired controller and a switch pro controller. The pro does generally feel better over all, has a nice battery life and can even be used on the PC (i think anyway), it also has Gyros so any games with tilt and turn sections are sorted. I found having to use the Joycons just for gyros on Mario ody was pretty annoying as they just dont fit the hand nicely.

    That said, aside trailing wires, there's nothing wrong with a wired controller. I used mine for ages before I splurged on the pro.

  • If we're talking just for the Switch, I prefer the Switch Pro. It's a million times better than using Joycons and ensures full compatibility with the Switch. Although in general I prefer the feel of Stadia and Xbox controllers over anything solely for Switch.

  • I always preferred wired controllers, but lately I've went wireless and it's really nice. What I'd recommend though is to look for a hall effect controller, this is another level in terms of durability and no stick drift.

  • I have a wireless Pro Controller too, and I really like it. I don't mind wires on console controllers, as I'm used to them from early days, but having no wires is always a plus, and the Pro Controller's batteries are just fine for a regular gaming session. The build quality is also very good.