New Best Single Player Games?

New releases for the Nintendo Switch - what are the best? I'm looking for new fun games to play. I'm currently close to finishing Dave The Diver.

  • For me is promesing Hollow Knight: Silksong, and some new port games planned for the futureGrin

  • The Zelda games are amazing, Metroid Dread and Prime remastered is a great option. The Bayonetta series is like a femal DMC that's a little lewd I guess.

  • Plus one here on the Zelda games. Absolute gems!

  • Starfield is a new single-player game that I consider best 2023

  • The best new single-player game for me is Starfield

  • There are a lot great single player games on Nintendo Switch, but depending what kind of games you like. Personally I loved Metroid Prime series on Game Cube, and had the possibility to play it again on Switch was awesome, with that great immersive environment with its soundtrack (that makes your hair stand on end), search secret objects, original bosses... I played Metroid Dread, yes is fine, but didnt like it much. If strategy is your field, Fire Emblem: Three houses is a great option, but maybe dont spend much time going around the base camp with your character. Also Northgard is great. On RPG, Witcher 3 or Gothic 2 (Gothic/Risen/Elex series are one of my best PC games). Racing like Burnout Paradise or Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

  • Talking of new releases, Prince of Persia: the Lost Crown looks pretty interesting (I didn't play it, but I watched a couple of gameplays): I think that a platform game well fits my idea of gaming on a handheld device like Nintendo Switch. Of course there are tons of other fantastic single-player titles, but I interpreted your request of "fun games to play" as a request for something chill to play.

  • If you haven't played Zelda Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom on the switch then I would say its well worth playing them. Its a rewarding experience. 

  • I'm just going to jump on the bandwagon here and repeat that the Zelda games are must-plays. Every single person I've talked to about both Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom has had nothing but good things to say about them, and in fact just about the only thing approaching criticism is when people disagree about which one is better.

  • This has reminded me to get back to Dave the Diver, thanks!