A time machine takes you to the golden years of PC gaming. What year do you land in?

You walk into a quiet side room in the basement of the lab you're visiting for work. In the corner, a suspicious machine humms, inviting you closer. You step inside and close the door, and before you know what happened you're transported to Christmas day, 1999. You boot up your Pentium III desktop with 64MB RAM and a brand new GeForce 256 graphics card from a relatively unknown company called Nvidia. The dial-up sound whines during connection while you slowly mouse over System Shock 2, Homeworld and Age of Empires II before double clicking on the icon for Quake 3.

You're winning, only one frag left to go. Finally you'll beat your school rival, KingQuake, and wipe the smug look off his face he has every lunch time! The phone rings. Your dial-up connection drops. You wake up back home.


Where does the time machine take you to?

  • One year further back - 1998 - the release of Half-Life. Continue to play and play and play until it's '99 again and you've forgotten all about the time machine...

  • for sure somewhere in the future, where games are looking like real life!

  • Totally agreeing it either needs to be 1998 or 1999!

  • Ahahahah love this question.
    I would time-travel back to 2003, year of the release of Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time. Ahhh good memories...

  • I never played the Prince of Persia games, are they still worth trying? Which would you recommend?

  • I would travel forward in time not back. The dial up modem sound gives me nightmares.

  • We're not far off from there now though! Graphical improvements are getting smaller and smaller each generation. Are you saying the golden years of PC gaming are yet to come?

  • 2005 would be great for me I would like to try again for the fist time games like GTA San Andreas and Resident evil 4Grin

  • Oooh that's a good one! Release of Battlefield 2 and Battlefront 2, Psychonauts, Guild Wars... *chefs kiss*

  • It has already shown to me several times that going back to games that you absolutely loved a long time ago doesn't really work. It's not gonna be the same feeling at all, maybe a spike of nostalgia at the start that's it. 
    Some stuff hasn't aged well but I think for the most part it's what happened to you in all those years... so I guess the time travel experience would only be "worth it" if your memory also was reset back to that date.