Laptop gpu vs pc gpu

So the question is is there any notable difference in between this gpu's? In terms of performance. I've got a legion y720 it has a 1060 GTX 6GB DDR5 and I do play games, most of the time Dota2 and thinking to aquire something new as its old enough now and can't  really keep up anymore... I'm in a dilemma if to get a PC or just get another laptop... i was very happy with the Y720 and when i was travelling was easy to pack it up and have it with me, but also thinking it would be nice to play on a desktop...

  • Desktop GPU using the same model number are typically more powerful than their laptop equivalents to due power and thermal limits in laptops and the differences in VRAM between the two form factors as well

    If you mostly play DOTA2 or similar games, they would run fine on an laptop with a RTX4060 or above (which now comes with 8GB VRAM instead of the 6GB of previous **60 series laptops right up to the 3060)

  • Thing is, you can have a desktop set up and have your laptop as your main machine. That way if you still travel you can still take it with you.

    I say this because its exactly what I do. Im currently away from home, but have my beasty with me.

    In terms of GPU, although they share the same names but are usually different SKUs. For example, the laptop 4090 is actually a desktop 4080 die. People have shunt modded laptops and seen amazing uplift in performance because it is basically held back by power limits.

  • If you would like to play this kind of games, maybe is not need a RTX 40 series laptop. If you have one RTX 3050 or 3060, you can play it so well, you're going to improve a lot your 1060 GPU and nowadays are not so expensive.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies.  I think I'm going to get another laptop as it's more reliable to me as in the summer time I travel for 4-5 weeks... and overall im not an hardcore gamer . So s new laptop will do for me just well for another few good years...

  • I would go with a desktop just because of the upgradability.  You will not be stuck with the same GPU.

  • Unless the laptop supports MXM form factor GPU cards (Lenovo Legion Laptops don't)

    The alternative to MXM is a Thunderbolt connected external GPU chassis for laptops equipped with Thunderbolt

  • in a Pc most of the hardware can be updated, and can even be done one at the time,so considering AMD kept the same lga on the motherboards it's posible to instal 3 different gen of CPU on the same mobo.Probably you can play for 15 yrs like that. 

  • I'll go forever with the pc, I can always update the hardware, today the turning poin is the ram esentialy when you decide to pas to the DDR 5 you must consider changing the mobo too.

  • There's a huge difference. I use my GPUs for 3D renderings and the render times of my 3060 Ti are way lower than of my 3070 Laptop GPU, but if you use your system only for gaming a Laptop is good enough in my opinion.

  • Yes, the performance difference is notable between desktop and laptop gpus, because laptop gpus are limited by the small factor and the power draw/thermal limit. But what you should choose it depends on the type of games that you play and if you like to game while travelling or not. And you said you like to game on the move so you're stuck with a laptop.