Where do you buy PC games? Steam?

Hi all!

I was wondering where do you usually buy PC games.
I tend to wait for Steam sales and usually buy them directly on Steam but some friends of mine tend to use key shops as it seems those tend to have cheaper deals.

What's your preference? Steam? KeyShops? Any favorite key shop?

  • I use CDkeys a lot. They can have amazing sales usually better than Steam too. Prices are pretty consistent and they are legit. I've used them for several years and got some sweet game deals. Even on pre orders.

  • I buy them from Steam and Gamers Planet mostly (https://uk.gamesplanet.com).  Gamers Planet sells Steam keys a little cheaper the steam, so always good to look at their sale. 

  • I usually use Steam to follow with "wishlist" the different offers that they have, and when finish some game, I review it and take a look on InstantGaming, Humble bundle or Fanatical, maybe you can have a well suprise! 

  • I use all sorts really, Steam, Fanatical, GoG etc. Mostly whichever is cheapest at the time, plenty of price comparison websites for games if you want to see the lowest prices etc such as ggdeals. Then of course you could just get freebies from Epic too!

  • When it's on sale, or on instant-gaming site

  • CDKeys are good but I only use them if there is a discount, else i use steam.

  • It depends. For Steam titles, I usually buy them during sales, or alternatively through legit key resellers like Green Man Gaming. Be aware that there are tons of shady resellers out there that either sell outright stolen/generated keys, or resell keys bought in different regions of the world for a lower price, which afaik ist against the ToS.

    Games that require Steam to be linked to another launcher (like Ubisoft Connect), I usually buy directly on the other launcher so I don't have to run both at the same time. They usually have decent sales too every now and then, though rarely with price cuts as extreme as those on Steam.

  • I mostly buy from 3th party seller like eneba, i dont want to pay full price for most games that dont deserve it also its a big money saver

  • I buy mine from steam